Meme Monday Episode 1: This is This!

Good day, everyone! Welcome to the first installment in what I hope will become my mainstay here at Comparative Geeks—my Meme Monday rundown. Today, I’ll expose all of you to a few of my favorite sources for memes on Facebook and provide some recent examples from them.

What, then, exactly is a meme? Running a basic Google search for the term returned two definitions, one regarding the passing on of culture or behavior among individuals through exposure, and the other simply being a funny bit of anything from the Internet shared among individuals. Let’s take the two together and complicate those definitions with this bit from one of my favorite pages on which to read random collections of thoughts, or even quasi-famous quotes, WordPorn:

And let that be our guiding light as we observe the absurd and find within it humor and a bit of mad genius.

One of my favorite recent finds has to be Classical Art Memes, each of whose entries features some great work of art hilariously besmirched with some brand of contemporary humor.

Meme taken from Classical Art Memes at

Meme taken from Classical Art Memes at

On the topic of something that looks or feels old paired with contemporary humor, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me and my house, there is a plethora of Facebook pages you should try out that share their memes back and forth all the time. One of my favorites and the page I took it from are below.

And, boom! An intersecting point that acts as a transition:

There are going to be many more wonderful Pokemon memes emerging with the release and updating of Pokemon Go, so stay tuned for more of these.

We see here that memes can take many forms and need not necessarily be funny. Thought and creativity are musts (certainly) if a meme is to be successful, and I believe that these I’ve shown here work under that. Again, this is merely an initial sampling; this column will take a twisting and turning journey through the Internet, creation, and destruction as we go. I’ll be pleased to have you all along for the ride as we explore memes and what they are and can be.

That’s it for today. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments below. See you here next time!

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