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Throwback Thursday: Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice Review

This weekend’s podcast is about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it seemed appropriate to share Julia’s original review from seeing the movie in theaters. For more in-depth discussion of the movie – read, us tearing it apart – listen to Episode 6 of the Comparative Opinions podcast!

Guys, it’s not as bad as everyone says. However, I have a few contributing factors to why I might think that:

  • I haven’t seen Man of Steel, so I have no comparison to that movie.
  • I love Zack Snyder, and his partnership with Hans Zimmer made me really excited for the movie. Definitely worth it.
  • I’m Team Wonder Woman. I wanted to see a female superhero in DC who was a total badass. The whole Batman and Superman thing was a bit secondary to me.
  • I had very, very low expectations of the movie. Honestly, I was hoping it was at least a 5/10. Low expectations helped.
  • I’m currently on vacation back home and saw this at an Alamo Drafthouse, drinking beer after a couple of margaritas. Alcohol definitely helped.

Instead of doing a huge analytical review, I’m going to focus on a few points that stood out to me. There’s enough reviews out there tearing this movie apart or trying to defend it. This review is coming from someone with a film degree who isn’t a huge Superman fan, had low expectations of the film, and was mildly… okay, definitely, buzzed the whole movie.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice 2016

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Astral Chronicles – Prologue – 3

How do you explain history when it makes no sense in order?


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