Five of My Favorite Things From Harry Potter

So in honor of the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I thought it would be fun to remember some of my favorite moments from Harry Potter. These books are ones that David and I have both loved and I am excited to read this next chapter in the life of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Throughout the books there have been just superb moments that were heartbreaking, funny, exciting, or just plain awesome. So here are some of my favorite moments, characters, or things from Harry Potter.

Fred and George Leaving Hogwarts

So this could possibly be one of the greatest moments in all the books. The description of Fred and George leaving Hogwarts to go start their own business is incredible. Not only were they able to stick it to Umbridge they were able to advertise their new business at the same time. It was the ultimate prank and we would not expect any less from Fred and George.

Real Life Prophecies of Professor Trelawney

There is something endearing about Professor Trelawney because she does not know how right she actually gets to be. When she goes into a trance and speaks true prophecy she does not actually remember what she did. So even though she teaches utter rubbish, the amazing thing is that she can actually tell true prophecy and when she does it is best to listen up!


So part of what is great about Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare is the fact that Hermione is trying so hard to free all these House Elves and is causing more of a problem. On the other hand because of all of the knitting that she is doing we get to hear about Dobby wearing pretty ridiculous outfits because none of the other House Elves will go near the items! It is such a great crusade that Hermione undertakes that none of the other witches or wizards seem to care about – or understand.

Neville Leading the Hogwarts Rebellion

He's seen better days. Also worse ones, though.

He’s seen better days. Also worse ones, though.

I do love the fact that in the end, it is Neville who is leading the Hogwarts Rebellion. The way that they used the Room of Requirement and then that it connected to Dumbledore’s brother was pretty incredible. The things that Neville pulled off to keep the fight going back at Hogwarts was truly heroic. Even though Ron, Hermione, and Harry were out having an adventure, Neville was there holding down the fort.

Department of Mysteries

Now one of the biggest disappointments from the movie was probably the Department of Mysteries. They did a decent job, and it’s understandable for time constraints that they could not show all of its wonders. There was so much more to the Department of Mysteries than just the two rooms that we saw, and the Department itself was like one giant maze – in itself a giant mystery. The different wonders introduced in the Department of Mysteries were pretty incredible.

2 responses to “Five of My Favorite Things From Harry Potter

  1. I loved this post so much! It brought back so many great memories. Fun and Easy to read! Thanks


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