Star Trek Beyond – Spoiler Light Thoughts

Holly and I went to go see Star Trek Beyond this last weekend, and our initial reaction is it was great! I’ve heard plenty of people say that it’s the best of the new Star Trek films, and I’m not sure I can disagree – although there’s still the argument that they pulled off something impressive in the first one by doing a reboot that worked. Certainly it’s ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness.

I want to go spoiler light with this, with it only just out in theaters, and with the trepidation I think many probably have after Into Darkness, or after the trailers and the thought that this is Star Trek meets Fast and the Furious. So the spoiler level I’m going for is “I’ve seen the trailers.” You know, like this one.

And I feel like what I have to say to you is fairly short and simple: go see this movie.

The best description I have heard and can agree with for this movie is that it is like a long episode with a much bigger budget. That is reminiscent of, say, Star Trek Insurrection which I actually thought was a great movie so maybe that’s just me… but it’s about the characters, aliens, alien environments, improvising… it’s a strong science fiction scenario.

As to budget, in case the trailers have not made this painfully apparent, yep, the Enterprise goes down. However, despite knowing that this was going to happen, they still made me feel it. I was openly weeping in the theater as the fight progressed, but I suppose YMMV. I did used to get the Ships of the Line calendar every year…

What I suppose I’m saying is, this is a Star Trek sort of story. A Star Trek sort of movie. It’s for people who like that sort of thing. If you’re a fan on the fence, then hey, that means you. Give the movie a shot. I would say the theater experience was definitely worth it.

As an added comment, we did see it in 3-D (more to do with time than anything else) and I would not say that I felt the 3-D added anything really to the movie. We actually also saw Ghostbusters in 3-D and there they really used it with the ghosts and scenes… in Beyond, I didn’t really notice it at all. Maybe that’s good… maybe it’s a few wasted bucks.

Will we own this movie? Yes. Will we see it again in theaters? Probably not, but that’s also a matter of time/babysitting. And the fact that we want to see Suicide Squad opening weekend. Our current expectation level for Suicide Squad: it needs to be good enough that we don’t regret not going to see Beyond a second time. Hopefully it meets that level.

We’re not the only ones who’ve seen it… and I’m thinking Rotten Tomatoes is a nice parting shot on this one.

Screenshot from 7-26-16, Rotten Tomatoes for Star Trek Beyond.

Screenshot from 7-26-16, Rotten Tomatoes for Star Trek Beyond.

6 responses to “Star Trek Beyond – Spoiler Light Thoughts

  1. As to why I might feel the need to say “go say this movie,” the boxoffice numbers seem to do that job for me:

    Oh, and Kelly Konda also wrote a good review of the film:


  2. Nice, I agree that it is like a long episode with a bigger budget. I really enjoyed it too. I think you’re right about the 3D too, and I got a little motion sick in this one though I think it had more to do with the shaky cam than the 3D. Anyway, watching the Enterprise go down in IMAX was a pretty amazing and heartbreaking experience! I will probably see this one again in theaters, as well as Suicide Squad which looks really fun. Nice post!


  3. I saw ST:B with zero expectations, after being burned by Lindelof/Orci/et al scripts, but Pegg/Jung *nailed it*. The basic plot (the Kraal stuff), when you strip away the wrinkles, was a classic ST:TOS storyline. The emotional chemistry between all the cast members was a complete 180 from the two Abrams-directed movies, and it was glorious. Could not be happier that I went to see this movie.


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