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Wordless Wednesday 4 – If it fits, It sits.

Merlin fits, Merlin sits


Star Trek Beyond – Spoiler Light Thoughts

Holly and I went to go see Star Trek Beyond this last weekend, and our initial reaction is it was great! I’ve heard plenty of people say that it’s the best of the new Star Trek films, and I’m not sure I can disagree – although there’s still the argument that they pulled off something impressive in the first one by doing a reboot that worked. Certainly it’s ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness.

I want to go spoiler light with this, with it only just out in theaters, and with the trepidation I think many probably have after Into Darkness, or after the trailers and the thought that this is Star Trek meets Fast and the Furious. So the spoiler level I’m going for is “I’ve seen the trailers.” You know, like this one.

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