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When Nerds Collide from Hand Cannon Online

Though I missed the first season, I have been enjoying the heck out of When Nerds Collide. A hidden gem tucked away amidst the Warmachine podcasts I listen to, When Nerds Collide is hosted on Hand Cannon Online (here) and presented by one of their many podcasts, Removed from Play. I guess one podcast presented by another because of the same host, and because of the paid podcast of Removed from Play? For whatever reason, many logos!

Note: I’ve figure out why so many logos and brought-to-you-bys: there is a stand-alone podcast called When Nerds Collide! Guess I’ll have to check that one out too…

This is a podcast that can run kind of long, because they give their format its full due. So here’s the format: they have four nerds on, who present one nerd problem each. They get to present their problem, and each other host gets to comment on it. Then they get a chance to have a closing argument, and then each host votes as to whether their problem is legit or whining. Each problem tends to get a decent amount of time, as there’s always someone trying to pick it apart and someone trying to defend it!

There is definitely a strong adversarial or debate feel to it all, with plenty of devil’s-advocating and people jumping in with points. It’s good that they are friends, and you definitely get that feeling of it being friends getting together and venting about their problems with one another. They also stick to the fact that with three people voting, it’s often a tie-break situation… and sometimes unanimous. And the smack talk seems to run accordingly.

The problems have run the gamut, from consoles vs. computers, to convention woes, to co-pilots on road trips. Fandom aplenty. Elitism and snobbery and the Internet… You get the idea. The hosts rotate, as well, so you’re getting new perspectives and new problems between the episodes. This also means that while you might not care about some of the problems, there’s generally something that you are passionate about!

Oh, and they’ve been associated with charity work as well, so that’s cool!

You can listen to When Nerds Collide via the Hand Cannon Online podcast feed, or here’s that link again which also includes the older episodes. I am definitely going to have to go back and listen to last year’s season 1! I’m tempted to explore trying out that format for one episode of Comparative Opinions, but we’ll see – that would probably run really long. Maybe as two episodes?