Voltron: Legendary Defender Post #3 — Questions, Questions, Questions!

Voltron: Legendary Defender is my new favorite sci-fi show. This reboot of the popular 1980s anime, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, blew me away with its release on June 10th.  It’s a  fantastic space opera with elements of fantasy woven in.  New Voltron fans can easily tune in and follow the show without prior knowledge, and long-time fans will love this reimagined version of Voltron’s story.


There’s a lot to love in Legendary Defender, but Season One left a slew of unanswered questions that are burning a hole in my skull.  This post is my attempt to get them all out of my head.  Be forewarned:

There will be spoilers and speculation.  This post consists almost entirely of me over-analyzing everything.  Some may seem nit-picky, but that’s not my intent.  I genuinely wonder if/how these questions will be answered!

#1–Why Did It Take Zarkon 10,000 years to find the Lions?


We’re told that Allura is the only one who can open a wormhole, but why?  Zarkon’s had 10,000 years of (presumably) unopposed control over a huge chunk of the galaxy.  In all that time, what stopped him from developing his own wormhole technology?

Even if we assume that most of the Galra Empire’s technological resources went into developing warships and tools of conquest, wormhole technology seems like it should be within the Galra’s grasp, and it would be super useful as a tool of conquest.

The series establishes that Zarkon was the original Paladin of Black Lion.  As such, he should be familiar with the Lions’ technology, and finding/capturing them should have been a priority. Hunk was able to figure out a method of creating a “Voltron geiger counter” in (at most) a few hours, and he’s a cadet.  Does the Galra Empire have no trained engineers?  The Lions or their hiding places must have been emitting at least low-level power in order to maintain those force fields.

Pidge adapts a cloaking device for Green Lion early in the series, so the Altean’s didn’t have cloaking technology too bin with.


Is Galra tech really that reliant on magic? They’ve got magic cyborgs and ro-beasts.  Most of the Galra technology I’ve seen relies on magic or an existing piece of Galra tech (Shiro’s arm) to make it work.  Pidge was able to hack a Galra ship and download records, but Pidge is a certified child prodigy.  There are always exceptions made for characters using that trope.

Voltron Legendary Defender 07

Is there some magic that kept the Lions hidden until their mystical powers told them that the Paladins were ready?  So that when Galra magic bumped up against Lion magic, the Galra got scrambled? Because that would be cool. Or am I giving too much credit to the writers here?  Maybe we’re just supposed to play along and accept that Zarkon was so busy conquering that he just couldn’t invest that much energy into FINDING THE LIONS.

Was Zarkon really unnopposed for all this time? Seriously, NOTHING but Voltron stood in his way, then Voltron was gone for 10,000 years, but Zarkon is still, somehow, not in control of the Lions AND finding pockets of the galaxy that he doesn’t yet control. Did he, maybe, have a run-in with a different giant robot? Or the Borg?


#2–Does the “Galaxy Alliance” exist?  Does Earth control anything more than a few outposts in the Sol System? If not, why is there something called “Galaxy Garrison.”   Inquiring minds want to know. Will Galaxy Garrison be funding the Vehicle Voltron team? Please say yes–or bring us Vehicle Voltron from somewhere else.



#3–Does Galaxy Garrison not have any kind of DNA identification system for its cadets? Because Pidge was banned from the base, then changed her gender and went back.  Did she somehow fake a DNA scan?  Because if she did, then I want to know how, because it will come in handy at some point in Voltron’s missions.


#4–Why can’t Shiro remember?! Is it PTSD? Magic? What the heck did Haggar do to him?! Argh, OMG.


Okay, I’m sure we’ll get the answers to the last one, but the others.  The others will drive me crazy for the rest of my life.   (Unless I go back to fanfic and make up my own answers.)  Happy obsessing, Voltron Fans.


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