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Wordless Wednesday 2 – Also from the Beach, 4th of July

Poor crab...


I Kill Giants – Comics Review

Thanks to a local librarian, I had the graphic novel I Kill Giants not only recommended to me, but handed to me to check out. I took my sweet time getting around to reading it, but once I got more than I little ways in I was hooked and had to finish it.

The main character is Barbara Thorson, a teenage D&D geek who is a vicious Dungeon Master. That alone is fantastic. However, for her, the fantastical worlds that she knows in D&D exist beyond the page: they permeate her everyday life. As far as she is concerned, she kills giants.

I Kill Giants

She fully believes it, and it gets her in trouble constantly. With teachers, principal, school counselor, and bullies. Oh, and family. Friends. Pretty much everyone. But as far as Barbara is concerned, it’s real, and as the perspective we follow in the comic, it’s true as far as we’re concerned as well – making this a fantastic fantastical romp! Oh, and heavily psychological, as well. Spoilers ahead for this award-winning indie comic!

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