Three Video Games We Preordered – and One We Didn’t

So for a variety of reasons, Holly and I just preordered several video games on Amazon the other day. Actually, I should go through those reasons… So one is that the funds from the anti-trust lawsuit about e-books has hit, so we both had Amazon store credit. Second is that we found out that Amazon Prime members get 20% off of preordered or recently new video games. We joined Prime for their “Amazon Mom” subscription service, and it’s been great for basic supplies for Geek Baby. We’ve added a few subscriptions since then… But since we’re already Prime members, why not take advantage of the perks?

The other reasons are more related to the games. I think this year is finally the year that the newest generation of consoles is finally getting good, so we were perhaps still a bit ahead of that curve when we bought last fall… Still, finally, games. Our last big splurge on games was when our local Walmart was going out of business, so we are swimming in more than we have time to play, but we’ve had our eyes on these for a while, so when we saw the Amazon benefits to ordering we gave our wish lists a look.

That, and E3 happened, so there was suddenly new preview material to look at! This helped guide us in our game purchasing decisions. After watching the new stuff, we decided to order three games… and to not order a fourth. Let’s take a look!

Ordered: ReCore

We randomly caught the trailer for this game a while back, and it looks awesome. From some of the folks behind Metroid, this is a 3-D platformer with shooting aspects and a robotic companion. This game screamed Holly when we very first saw it. Price now on Amazon? $40, so I’m thinking that it’s not going to be a super large/long game, but with all these other games, that’s alright. And not charging $60 for it is nice – with our discounts, this game really works out to free…

We watched a longer video, and it looks like you can have multiple companions working with you at once, and doing so looks amazing. The things you can pull off should be spectacular!

Ordered: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If ReCore was screaming Holly, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is screaming for me. I haven’t written about the previous game, Human Revolution, very much because I beat it not long before we started blogging. Very excited to have a new game in the series, as I had been interested back in the early days of Deus Ex and just hadn’t had a machine that could run it.

I have been wanting to buy the Director’s Cut of Human Revolution, because it offers a 100% non-lethal path through the game, which is my kind of challenge! However, when I was getting ready to do so, I saw that this game was coming out so I figured why not just wait for this. The first game was amazing, and it leaves this game in an incredibly complex place to start out from. The first game I started with a non-lethal sneaky playthrough, but the story affected me such that towards the end my anger towards my foes made that much more difficult. Fantastic game, really glad that the sequel’s looking as good as I want it to.

Ordered – Dishonored 2

So this one seems like a bit more of a gamble, but a safe one. The first game was great, and another stealth game I was finishing up as the blog got going. I wrote about how the way you played the game did far more to determine how difficult the game was than anything you could do with the difficulty setting. I successfully played this as a non-lethal game – but doing so required a lot of reloading, so that enemies didn’t accidentally die as I incapacitated them, or else correcting for being seen if that was the easiest way through. I wasn’t 100% stealthy, and some people (the bosses in particular) might have preferred a quick death…

This trailer leaves us questioning, though. It’s a pure action trailer, so it doesn’t show the full spectrum of game. We’re hoping it’s good. Also, Holly has not played the first one but has always meant to – likely with a kick-in-the-door style which should work well. But if she doesn’t like it, then we might be getting a second game that might only be me playing it… However, having two main player characters that you have to choose between could create enough of a unique experience that not only will we both play it, but we’ll both play it twice! So that’s the gamble we’re taking with this one.

Not Ordering: Final Fantasy XV

And last, and sadly least, Final Fantasy XV. It’s a very safe bet that Holly and I will get and play a Final Fantasy game – such that we preordered both XIII-2 and Lightning Returns – and bought the Final Fantasy XIII X-Box 360, even. So at the outset, it seemed like a sure thing that of the games we were looking at, we would be preordering Final Fantasy XV.

Not so!

We were watching the gameplay, and it just… it looks more like God of War or something like that than like any of the Final Fantasy games before it. The teleporting looks cool, but it’s just not the RPG we’re looking for. We’ll surely play this someday, because we’re such Final Fantasy completionists… but we can happily wait til it’s $20 or less. Plenty else to play right now!

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