Welcome to Comparative Geeks!

Hello and welcome to Comparative Geeks! Happy Independence Day!

CG_logo_squareMaybe you’ve come here from our old site, ComparativeGeeks.WordPress.com, and if so, thanks for following us over! My wife Holly and I have been blogging over there since another holiday weekend, back in January 2013. We started with a 6-posts-a-week schedule that we kept going right up until we had a baby on the way, affectionately nick-named the Geek Baby (and really leveling up into a Geek Toddler now). Then we dropped down to 5 posts in a week, and kept that going strong until now.

It took help sometimes to accomplish that schedule, with vacations and such – and especially when the Geek Baby came! To get through those periods, we were fortunate enough to get posts by fellow bloggers, from friends and relatives, and they kept our schedule and our blog going. And hey, turns out, people like their writing, and a lot of those contributors are incredibly popular on the site. We would not be here today without them – so we brought them along with us!

Maybe you’re with us for the first time, and if so, welcome indeed. Those contributors I was just talking about? They’ve joined with us now and this is a site about more than just the two of us. It’s about more geeks than just us, more interests than just ours, and more opinions to compare. Hopefully there’s a little – or a lot – for everyone here.

So our commitment to you all here and now is that this is a website with daily activity. There will be articles, written by this wide array of geeks from all over the place. There will be a podcast – keeping a little of that original Holly-and-David voice going – once a week. There is a forum, where we don’t even have to be the ones deciding what we talk about, because you can start the conversation too. And other new and varied things as we come up with them.


Because this is a new website, it will require following us again here on the site. Please do. You should be able to comment via a variety of logins – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or just with an associated email address. You should be able to login to the site with your WordPress credentials, which should then give you access to commenting, the forums, what have you. Otherwise the forums will require a login, so check out that link at the top of the page. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress around here, so let us know of any problems or bugs you encounter!

And if you hadn’t before, there’s never been a better time to follow us on social media. We have a new combined Twitter account, to make sure there is a feed of activity from all of our contributors. Our other accounts will likewise give you access to what’s new, wherever you like to follow folks.

Meanwhile, we’re winding things down on the old site. We’re leaving those archives over there, and starting fresh over here. So please, anything you can do to help keep things from screeching to a halt – we’re looking for a smooth transition! Like, follow, and subscribe!

6 responses to “Welcome to Comparative Geeks!

  1. Yay! Looking good, guys!


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