Firefly Fluxx

Firefly Fluxx
David and I recently found the game Firefly Fluxx and it is just as much fun as one might expect. If you have played any version of Fluxx then you understand the basic mechanics of the game. Part of what is so wonderful about all the versions is the fact that you can just pick it up at any time.

The great part about playing the version based off of Firefly is all of the inside jokes and references. One of the little extra details that is great about the Firefly version is also the fact that there are quite a few ways to steal Keepers from each other; Wash gets Serenity, Zoe gets Wash, Simon gets River, etc. So since there is not much extra to talk about with the game here are some of my favorite cards from Firefly Fluxx.

Toy DinosaursThe Toy dinosaurs is definitely a general favorite. I mean who doesn’t love the toy dinosaurs that Wash keeps on his dashboard on board Serenity?






Hands of BlueI mean who does not love a reference to the Hands of Blue for the main enemies. Of course one of the goals has to be Two by Two Hands of Blue.






Bound by LawThis is just such a fun card to have in a Firefly game because the crew are outlaws. Then giving it to another person just adds a creative twist.






Can't Take ThisThe pun of this card is just too good and it fits perfectly with the action of the card.






Be in My BunkThis might just be my favorite card ever. The whole idea of someone just walking away from the table for a while and coming back at a later date amuses me to no end.


One response to “Firefly Fluxx

  1. Awww this sounds so fun! I have not played Fluxx before so I don’t know the rules at all, but I love the Firefly cards here. That last one is great. Who doesn’t want to leave the table for a drink or a bathroom break sometimes?


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