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New Edition of Warmachine and Hordes – First Impressions

Well, the new edition of Warmachine and Hordes came out over the weekend, with the rules provided for free online (finally found them in the bar at the top of the page here). They also built the actual rules PDF into their army list app, the newly released War Room 2, which is where I’ve been reading it.


I’m about halfway through. I’ve been busy. Also, keep running back to building armies…

The advice from Privateer Press was to read all the rules, and to do so carefully, so by golly I’m doing so. So far, not a lot of changes that they didn’t let us know about in advance… and otherwise, some changes where they cleaned things up and made them clearer.

There’s definitely some mistakes on all the various model cards, and some other different ones in the app, but I don’t mind those necessarily – it’s a new edition, these things happen. Or as the joke goes, they did just hire for an editor position… The real positive in their favor is it sounds like they’re planning on a full errata write-up in about a month, so they’re planning to jump on the obvious problems quickly. They have a rules forum as well, which I hadn’t frequented before but which looks quite busy!

I also played my first couple of games in the new edition last night, so with rules and games, I think I have some grounds for a first impression post!

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