Warcraft & X-Men: Apocalypse – If You’re a Fan, Go See Them!

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey was one of the better parts of the film.

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey was one of the better parts of the film.

So Holly and I lined up babysitting such that we made it to see X-Men: Apocalypse last weekend, and Warcraft this weekend. Expect reviews to come, but! we know there are a lot of reviews out there. A lot of mixed reviews. A lot of bad press and negative critical response.

We wanted to say that, if you are a fan of one or the other, of the X-Men or of the world of Warcraft, go see the film.

As far as we were concerned, Apocalypse was amazing and fulfilled what we wanted to see with the movie. We got emotional, we had fan feels and squees, it was great.

This was a great character we weren't quite expecting: Garona.

This was a great character we weren’t quite expecting: Garona.

Warcraft was one of the few movies we’ve seen in 3-D that we would say seeing it that way was worth it. We had trouble telling what was computer graphics and what wasn’t! The Orcs were really well done. All sorts of great locations, too – we wished they had given us more text to say where all they went, because it was all over Azaroth.

We got all sorts of WoW feels from it. And the story was definitely one written within the universe and not an outside interpretation.

I’ll drop in a couple of trailers after the jump, but really, go see the movies!


2 responses to “Warcraft & X-Men: Apocalypse – If You’re a Fan, Go See Them!

  1. I saw Warcraft yesterday! I’ll encourage anyone who is or has played World of Warcraft (which is millions of people) and also people who like fantasy in general.

    I’m not saying it’s a great movie, and the orc characters just work a lot better than many of the human characters, but I was delighted to see a fantasy movie that had sympathetic orcs (some of them… they were invaders and causing issues.)

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  2. Michael J. Miller

    I’d agree. While I haven’t seen ‘Warcraft’ yet, I did go see ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and I thought it was a lot of fun! You know what you’re getting with the X-Men movies. Was it the greatest super hero movie of all time? No. Did I really enjoy it? Yes! It was a fun afternoon at the movies watching mutants do their thing. There’s so much negativity surrounding the film (or life in general). I appreciate your positivity!

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