Coming Soon to Comparative Geeks

So what needs to be said first of all is that we are moving! We have decided that to expand our options on with Comparative Geeks we are going to move to a self-hosted site in the beginning of July. There will be a lot of exciting things coming including new features and posts going up seven days a week. By hosting the site ourselves it gives us an option to potentially expand. This is an exciting new adventure and we hope that you will come along for the ride with us. Here are some of the exciting new things we are including in the new website.

Shadow Surprise!


This is probably one of the biggest things we are adding and that is a podcast called Comparative Opinions. We are still trying to figure out the exact formatting, but we are planning on posting it once a week, keeping it to 30 to 45 minutes. It is probably going to start with just David and I talking about the same sorts of things we blog about, just in a different format. Eventually we are hoping to include some other bloggers and potentially interviews, but for now we are going to keep it simple to start.


Now something that we are going to hope that we can use to get more feedback and participation from the audience is a forum. We are hoping to potentially use it as a place to discuss books, movies, and explore other questions about a variety of geeky things. Eventually we might use it to start a book club or even a movie club of some sort to allow everyone to participate in a longer term discussion.

Additional Contributors

So another reason that we are going down this direction is to increase the number of contributor posts. We are trying to make Comparative Geeks not just the Holly-and-David show, but be something that can be a place for others to join in. Whether they have sites of their own or want a place to post without needing their own hosting. Eventually we would like to grow to be able to have more than one post a day, but that is a bit more of a distant dream right now.

So if you or someone you know wants to geek out a little as a contributor we would be happy to talk to you about what that could be. Whether it is an occasional post or a regular spot, there are all sorts of options. You can either leave a comment below or you are welcome to email us a!

And stay tuned for more updates over the next month!


10 responses to “Coming Soon to Comparative Geeks

  1. Seems to be the season of moving to new blogs 🙂 Looking forward to the changes — and maybe I’ll find a geeky-enough topic to write something about some day 😉

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  2. I still have Space Opera stuff for you if you want it, and if you have trouble with the transfer, hit me up. 🙂

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  3. Another big move! Seems like this is the season for change (as Allison pointed out) and it’s exciting stuff.

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    • I think like a lot of folks we’ve been talking and thinking about it for a while, and we’ve been planning behind the scenes. We have quite a bit of education backing up our understanding of the Internet, so we’re trying to do this properly. Comparative Geeks from the outset was just a blog, but we’re working towards a far more comprehensive, capital-W Website. Or maybe capital-N Network. 🙂


  4. Everyone is moving, like other have said before.
    What kind of stuff are you looking for? Because I know that I can be quite geeky once I get into something, like my current love for Tintin or my past obsession with vanilla…
    Good luck with the move!

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    • Tintin would be fantastic! Something I’m finding is that while the biggest name current stuff might or might not get you a lot of notice, reviews of more obscure things, or older, or less popular, can be found by the folks who are looking. Pretty much anything pre-Internet is in an interesting place of potentially needing some consideration – Tintin is a great example!

      We’re happy with individual posts, series, ongoing writing, whatever 🙂 Trying to build up something larger than ourselves!


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