International TableTop Day 2016! This year’s 12 games!


It’s our 4th International TableTop Day! We have spent each year of this event by recommending 12 games before, so here’s our games from 2013, 2014, and 2015. But it’s 12 whole different games for this year, so you can see all those after the jump. A couple of words about each, and if you have any questions, you’ll find some TableTop videos or you can ask us questions in the comments!

Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion

We like to grab 2-player games every once in a while, and give them a try. There are a number of games that are 3+ players, or where 2 players play an adjusted ruleset. So playing a game that is truly built for two to play – and which is balanced so that, say, a couple can play it and not hate each other – is just great. This game is a great one, full of fan service, cool characters, and then a lot of similar cards. So both balance and differences between the two. And then you play multiple short rounds, so even if it seems like it’s going one way, there’s still a chance for someone to come back.

Back to the Future: the Card Game

We love Chrononauts, and the time travel considerations of changing the timeline. The hidden agendas, where you don’t know how others are trying to win – and whether what you’re doing is helping or hurting them. Well, if you like that game too, this is a great way to mix it up. And if you don’t know Chrononauts, well, it’s like Fluxx where you’re changing the timeline. It’s pretty great!


We played this once and loved it and had to buy it. It’s a party-style game, it’s a guess-what-I-have-to-get-you-to-guess game… but it’s one where you can pull back clues, adjust and edit the clues. One where someone can step away and come back and figure out what’s going on. Our best use for it so far? A game out and playing while dinner is being made, with a group of people moving in and out and around but still being able to be in it. We don’t keep score… the fun is in building the hints (the concept), and in the getting it.

The Resistance

Oh man, could we tell stories about The Resistance. A 5-10 player game, there’s a lot going on. It’s about trying to guess who is a friend, and who is a spy, in the fictional resistance. My strategy is generally to play it cool every game, which works great for people to not guess I’m a spy… and makes it really hard to convince them I’m resistance. I also love to spike the group decision about going on a mission, because the conversations people have about that usually reveals a ton.

Apples to Apples Junior

Here’s a game that we had as a backup when we were teaching Sunday School… it was amazing to see how easily young ones can handle Apples to Apples. Also the completely different sense of humor and references that they had, where Holly and I did not get it! Hopefully this is one we can play with the Geek Baby in a few years. Always a great game!

King of Tokyo

We’ve been playing this one a lot lately, and part of what I am loving is that there are so many ways to win. It’s a press-your-luck dice rolling game, sure, but you can be stacking up points, trying to get in the center, trying to kill your enemies… And then the deck of powers that mix that up. I won a game via a power that let me attack all opponents when I attacked, and started pressing hard to just kill everyone. Same game, someone was just rolling the dice for points and doing really well. Same game, Holly was hitting us with a power that decreased the dice we could roll… whose luck would hold out? I don’t even remember!


This is like the granddaddy of so many modern games. I feel like so many of us probably played a lot of this when we were younger, with the many different versions – we have Star MunchkinMunchkin FuMunchkin Cthuhlu, and the base version. We’ve realized we haven’t played in years – when we’ve wanted to, we played Munchkin Quest instead. But I have a ton of nostalgia for this game, and I keep looking at new versions and wanting to pick them up… then I remember I might not play it… But that nostalgia.

Trivial Pursuit

Here’s a game type we have a ton of – Trivial Pursuit. Thematic trivia can be a lot of fun, like the 90’s edition, or the Disney, or the Lord of the Rings… There are definitely some of these I do better at than others! Another game where keeping score is something you can do… but with the DVDs and such, it can be fun to just let it go too.

Love Letter

We haven’t played it much yet, but we saw it first on TableTop, and then at the game store… a quick game that’s easy to get people into? Sounds good. We got Concept around the same time, so that has ended up our game in those situations… but we’re looking forward to playing this one more!

Small World Underground

One of our favorites we don’t own – Small World Underground! Because AC Powers has the game, we haven’t picked it up ourselves… meaning we haven’t played a combined game and mixed up all the games. But the idea of that is so good that at some point, it will happen. We have Small World Realms which has rules to play them both together.

It will happen.

Settlers of Catan

This one makes us sad, because it’s 3+ players. So this is actually a second one we don’t have because AC Powers has it, and with 3+ players needed, we don’t really need our own copy… but it’s one we’ll probably be picking up at some point to play with the Geek Baby! For now, we’re happy with Rivals of Catan


And finally, the game that I’ve been talking about the most, listening to podcasts about the most, and that I’ll be playing tomorrow in a tournament! Warmachine! It’s the last days of the current rules, and the next version is coming in June. So if you don’t play this one, it’s time to consider it – and to get started with the new edition!


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