Tomorrow – First Year of a Mini Comic Con!

Cover to the most recent Capital City Weekly!

Cover to the most recent Capital City Weekly!

Wow, first a gaming con, and now a comic con! Our local comics (graphic novel and trade paper backs) store is hosting a first-annual miniature (one-day and comics mainly) Comic Con! Here’s a link:

We’re super excited that it’s happening. Sadly, I am working… but Holly is planning to go with the Geek Baby! So she’ll have some thoughts and/or pictures to come. I was looking through the list of guests and came to Kazu Kibuishi and told Holly right away that she needed to go.

There’s a pre-event tonight (Geek Baby needed to sleep…) that Holly just saw on Facebook is standing room only… this is going to be pretty awesome! If you’re in town, I’d recommend checking it out tomorrow. If you’re not, well, it’s still exciting to be seeing new Comic Cons starting up all over and all the time!

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