Wild Speculation – Game of Thrones, Season 6

GoT_season_6_official_posterIt’s happened, the thing that I feel like most fans predicted when the show began. Game of Thrones, the HBO show returning this weekend, has out-paced A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series it is (was) based on. It’s become a meme, practically, of things that George R.R. Martin is doing rather than writing… but even if the next book were coming out next month, it would be too late for the show!

I haven’t looked this up, since I doubt anyone has a solid answer on it anyway… how much of this season is based on what will end up in the books? And how much is just building off of what came before? On the one hand, I feel like they must be privy to at least broad strokes. On the other hand, it felt like they went completely off the rails last season – and that was a season with books out to back it up!

I also haven’t really watched the trailers. I just haven’t been as excited. But there are trailers… so how about one of those? And then some spoilers and wild speculation after the jump!


The 5th book – which really could have been stretched into a 6th season anyway – ends with Daenerys loose in the world, with Drogon, and with the Dothraki pulling up. Back to her roots, back to the beginning.

And it’s a solid plot point that Daenerys has become stuck in the East. That she has lost track of her desire to take over Westeros, and has gotten settled in to ruling in Slaver’s Bay.

It seems like she is kind of being deus ex drogon’d to get back to the plot. Is that how the book is going to go? Maybe. Is that how the show is going to go? Likely.

Pulling the characters together to the one continent and one main storyline seems like a good idea. And the show has had more and more of the White Walkers, the true Big Bad of the series. Getting Daenerys and her dragons into the fight seems like the most cinematic result, so the most likely for the show.


Of course, the other thing that might help Daenerys along on a journey back towards Westeros is her new advisor, Tyrion. Having finally completed his journey there – and without many of the competing characters appearing in the show – there’s not a lot of people to stop him from being a big influence.

The amount of insider information he can provide to Daenerys – the number of stories and intriguing things he can bring up – should add up to getting her on the move.

There are fan theories around, as well, that see a much larger role for Tyrion than any we’ve yet seen. I for one would not be apposed to seeing him riding a dragon. Likely in the show? Absolutely! In the books? Quite possibly!


Arya had such an interesting story for so long. We love her. And now she’s truly on her way to becoming a faceless assassin. She’s also all off on her lonesome in Bravos, so the story may conspire to bring her back as well. And to bring along her murderous ways, her pointy-end sword, and her list of names to cross off.

I think that Arya is the wildcard. That she is good for at least one really super critical character death. Like, someone who will seem vital to the survival of the world in the face of the White Walkers. Because she doesn’t seem like she’s learning her skills from the good guys… and her list is full of big names.

Cersei? Tyrion? Daenerys? Sansa? I could see it being just about anyone. But it should be big, and it should change things. Maybe a good end to this season? Maybe it’s future season material? We’ll see! And in the books? This is also what I see her being groomed for, though I wonder if the kill she gets will be different between the two…

Jon Snow

We know nothing of Jon Snow. See… see what I did there? Anyway.


Maybe the biggest event at the end of book 5 is the death of Jon Snow. So much work has gone into him as a character, he was doing such good things for the defense of the Wall and the survival of the people and… oh, that might be a driving plot reason for him to die…

However, he dies right up there next to a red priestess, Melisandre. Who has had many prophecies of Azor Ahai, the lightbringer and fire-wielder who will defeat the darkness. Well, the darkness is coming, and they could sure use a fire messiah. We have also seen resurrection from red priests before, both in the show, and even more in the books.

With Stannis going down (or does he really? In the book it happens off page, although in the show it seemed more certain), Melisandre is sure to be rocked in her faith. With Jon going down as well, she might sense a possibility. Could it be him? Will she bring him back?

Because one thing is for sure: we keep seeing him in the promotional materials. Is Jon Snow Azor Ahai? And if he is… is he the one character that it seems unlikely that Arya would kill? Honestly, these questions are the ones that have me most interested in this season, and make me wonder the most what will be similar between the show and the books!

Final Thoughts

But that’s some of my thoughts… let’s see what others have to say!

And how about you – what are your thoughts about Season 6 of Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below!

3 responses to “Wild Speculation – Game of Thrones, Season 6

  1. Yes! Game of Thrones’ new season is just over the horizon, like hints of dawn after a long winter’s night… okay, I’ll stop trying to be all poetic and stuff.

    I’m delighted that I’m seeing speculation posts prepping for the new season. I will have a lot of Game of Thrones posts to read very soon.

    No one not involved in the show can say for certain what’s left from the books will make it into this new season, and what will either be completely new, or (GASP) from the upcoming Winds of Winter (the showrunners must know much of the overall details of that much-anticipated tome.) But we can make some guesses. I’m not going to explicitly mention things, don’t want to be spoilery, but at a minimum, Jaime Lannister has a storyline that should be presented this season (his trip to Dorne last year I feel was not so much going off the rails as delaying his train at the station, so his schedule would sync up with another specific train.) Arya has some more storyline, and since we’ve been seeing Yara Greyjoy in the trailers and other Iron Island imagery, the book events surrounding Yara’s inspirational character, Asha Greyjoy from the books, looks like they’ll be definitely bringing that plotline back into the show.

    I’m beyond excited. And since the showrunners have kind of indicated that they’ve outlined out a finite number of episodes to wrap up the story that they’ll tell, to hit two shorter than average seasons, I feel pretty good that what we’ll be getting will be fairly focused and not meandering about.

    I know season 5 has it’s detractors (okay, maybe I’m its only defender) but it kind of represents a certain point in the story where things have to be unpleasant before the push into risking all, taking on adversity, sacrifice, and finally a resolution and finale. (Hopefully a good one.) I call this part of the story “But I’m tired, I want to go home” part of the story. You see, when my daughter was young, but old enough to be taken to see movies, she’d get super fidgety in a movie just past halfway, when things would be getting roughest for the heroes. She’d want to go home because in her mind, the bad stuff happening to the protagonist was never ever going to change, because that’s how she felt about things all the time. The pain of a stubbed toe was never ever going to go away. A boring car ride was never ever going to end, etc.

    So, I’m excited. Because change is going to be happening on the show, in people’s storylines. I’m not saying that everyone I love is going to start having an easy time, and all the characters I feel need some karma dropping on them will start having that happen – there’s still adversity, risk, and sacrifice to come. But we’ll start to see those possibilities.

    Okay this comment is too long.

    Thank you for the post! I look forward to chatting with you and Holly about Game of Thrones.

    Best regards to you and yours, and all your readers and followers.

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    • Thanks for the long thoughtful comment!

      I think my personal problem with last season was that I felt like A Dance with Dragons, when timeline-combined with A Feast for Crows, was easily 2-3 seasons worthy. After all, they made A Storm of Swords into two. Changes then we’re annoying, but compounded by the fact that these changes weren’t spread out over 2-3 years. And that there wasn’t time to work in a few characters so that, say, Sansa doesn’t end up victimized to further Reek’s plot.

      Also, for Holly, it’s some reminders of True Blood. At first, they were pretty close to the books, but over time spiraled further and further from them. And now, who even knows how much that’s true of Game of Thrones…

      But I agree – should be good times to come! And anyone reading this looking for more GoT material should absolutely go check out Patrick’s blog!

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