Forever better than the Oscars… the MTV Movie Awards

I mean, I didn’t even watch them, just saw that they had happened because my social media started popping up with movie trailers that aired during it. But especially after such a disappointing and controversial Oscars this year, I had to run off and see what had won!

Link to that here.

Very nice! Deadpool, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max Fury Road… there’s some good stuff there. Nicely done, MTV Movie Awards. To be fair, Deadpool would be an option for next year’s Oscars, so we’ll see how that goes…

But the categories, the movies, the everything, better. Maybe it’s time to replace the one with the other…

Sorry there’s not more to this post than that, but! Have a few trailers after the jump!

Still called a teaser for whatever reason, this one certainly does more to show us the movie! It looks like it’ll be pretty fun.

So good! Of course, it sounds like they’ve been working hard to try to make it better, so maybe it can turn out better than originally intended. You know, and be the movie we actually expect it to be…

Also: Ballroom Blitz has already been used before on a better trailer.

And it sounds like there was a Civil War trailer but it isn’t online yet so whatever, we’ll be seeing the movie… and soon!

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