What’s On Netflix April 2016

I’ve been a tad bit distracted this week getting ready to pack for a trip back home, but that hasn’t stopped me from noticing that new seasons of a few of my favorite shows are coming to Netflix this week.

Archer Season 6, available now

Archer is one of my absolute favorite shows, but I feel like I need to include a disclaimer. It is one of the most irreverent, offensive shows on TV, so if that is not your brand of humor, it’s probably not for you. However, if that sounds like your cup of tea (or, with Archer, whiskey) then all 6 seasons are now on Netflix just in time for season 7’s premiere tonight.

Good Eats Collection 3

I wrote about this for my Thanksgiving post, but I love Good Eats. The best mix of cooking, science, and humor ever. Food Network has been releasing their “seasons” of shows on Netflix in collections, but that also means they remove the last collection to make room for the new one. If you want to check out season 2, tonight is your last chance because season 3 is coming tomorrow. I’d recommend the “Pop Culture” episode, where he makes popcorn in the most delicious, foolproof way I’ve ever tried.

2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Boogie Nights, The Shawshank Redemption

I’m listing all of these as one because essentially, this seems to be a really good month to catch up on some very classic, very iconic movies by some amazing directors and ensemble casts. A few of these I’ve missed out on my chances to see ever too, so I may be pouring myself some wine and trying to get through them (looking at you, A Clockwork Orange) this month. It’s a fantastic chance to do so.

The Princess Bride

AS YOU WISH! (Honestly, if you don’t like this movie, we can’t be friends.)

V for Vendetta

If you missed this one in theatres or on DVD, seriously give it a shot. A bit on the violent side but no more than The Matrix or Watchmen, and absolutely amazing. I’d argue it’s one of the better graphic novel adaptations I’ve seen. Hugo Weaving does some of his best acting, and that is quite the feat because not a lot of actors perform behind a mask anymore.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2 (April 15th)

One of the better Netflix originals, season 2 of this hit comedy is coming later this month. I’m still working my way through the first season, and so far I like it. I can’t say it’s the best show I’ve watched, possibly because I’m more of a fan of a darker, dryer, more obscene humor than is featured in this show. Peppy and eternally positive, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows a woman rescued after spending half her life as a captive of a crazy man’s bunker cult, and her impossibly optimistic outlook on life. It can certainly be an amazing pick me up on a bad day.


2 responses to “What’s On Netflix April 2016

  1. Oh my gosh definitely watch A Clockwork Orange, but only if you’re ready for a little of the old Ultraviolence.

    I’ve actually never seen Shawshank, so this looks like the time to catch it!

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