Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

An Easter Observation

Yesterday for Easter, hearing some of the story again, I had a thought. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus tells his disciples all sorts of things. Foretelling events, items of faith, things like that. And throughout, every time, they doubt him. Such that, on Easter morning, confronted with angels and an empty tomb, there’s still doubt.

My Easter observation was that skepticism, that doubt. That questioning every statement, every claim. Yet still having faith enough to follow. And I thought about how media portrays cults, and secluded communities, and things like that. And I thought about political leaders and parties and their followers.

I imagine you know how those thoughts went. We always seem to be seeing the blind followers. The completely indoctrinated. No questions, all faith.

And it’s just interesting to me… In one of the major world stories of a group like this, it’s full of skepticism and doubt. Yet, we expect that in this sort of situation in life today, the followers would follow blindly. And that anyone who doesn’t is either the right-hand-man… or is going to be on the out-and-out soon. Maybe they’re even the main character in a story, turning away from that life.

Do we see stories – real or fictional – like that of Jesus and his disciples? Can you think of any? Let me know in the comments below!