Batman v. Superman v. Staying Home

Holly and I have had some difficulties getting to movies. It’s the Geek Baby, lining up a babysitter, the limited movie showtimes in town (only ever one screen showing a movie), and then life. I’ve been working Saturdays. And this weekend is Easter, so it’s busy above the usual.

All of which is to say that, while they were trying to find a time with no competition to release Batman v. Superman, they have also found a time that is really hard for us to make it. If we do see it, it will either be separately from each other (but hopefully with friends), or else in several weeks’ time. That’s just where we’re at.

And then we’re seeing some of the initial reviews are questionable. But it’s a comic book movie, which can get odd reviews from “official” critics. It’s Zack Snyder, whose style turns some people off. It’s a sequel to a hotly contested movie. It’s the start of a larger multi-movie multi-title franchise. It’s DC’s Iron Man 2. All of which is to say… should we even bother?

So I have a few request of you, dear readers.

  • If you write a review or read a good one, feel free to drop a link in the comments below. We might not read it for a while, but it can help make up for us not writing one for a while, right?
  • If you’re looking for a review, check out any that folks drop in the comments below!
  • If you see the movie, give us your feedback: worth running to the theater to see? Finding the time (for a 2 and a half hour movie) and a babysitter worth it? We’d like that word of mouth!
  • Vote in our poll!

15 responses to “Batman v. Superman v. Staying Home

  1. I haven’t seen the movie…but it’s a holiday over here, so I spend the day being lazy and ready the various reviews. And my impression is: Skip it! Even the so called “positive” reviews say that it is a mess. Man of Steel fans say that “it isn’t quite as good”. The fans are phantom menacing left and right, trying to convince themselves so hard that the movie is worth watching that even after listing numerous problems with it they proclaim that they still liked the movie (and those are people who would have most likely praised a mediocre movie into the heavens – that they don’t love it convinces me even more that this one is a turd). With the exception of a few, who rather scream out their disappointment and put up red flags. The RT-ratings, which initially started over 90% for the audience from the usual early hype-reviewers have slipping steadily…it is now at 74% (I doubt that it will stay there), while the critic review hovers now at 30%.

    I can’t give an informed opinion concerning the movie, but at this point, I can give an informed opinion concerning the reaction to it, and my impression is that safe for a few who either really like Snyder’s style or the characters so much, that they would have liked this movie no matter what, this movie is mediocre at the very best. Most likely, though, it is one of the worst Superhero movies ever made, and the fanbase is still struggling with accepting this reality.

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  2. I hate plugging my own reviews, but you asked.
    Really I walked away from the movie not with the seething hate that a lot of reviewers and people seemed to have. It was just okay. Honestly, recommending to someone in your position, I would wait until the movie comes out on home video. It felt like it was missing things at time that may be more fleshed out in the expanded cut.

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  3. Here’s a review Holly and I have both read that’s filled us with dread:


  4. Should P and I go scoop it out for you this weekend? There’s not much to do here besides go to the theatre and we could use a date night haha.

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  5. Interestingly, even though the reviews are bad enough make a lot of people think twice about going, everyone in the under-16 crowd I’ve talked to says it kicks butt. Have a funny.

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  7. A few reviews to share. One is Julia’s here on the blog: She saw the movie so we didn’t have to!

    This came across my feed on Facebook and was a fascinating look at what-went-wrong, and perhaps a glimpse into why Julia may have liked it more than others (since Julia falls into the Zack Snyder fan/not-Superman fan territory):

    Another is from my favorite film blog, We Minored In Film. They’d been watching the box office on it (couple posts on that if you’re interested as well), but here’s the review:

    And finally, one of the reviews that I was most intrigued to see: HISHE. They rely heavily on these characters for their meta-analysis and movie chat, in the superhero cafe. It’s an interesting watch:


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