Struggles of a Video Game Completionist Playing a Bethesda Game

Fallout 4 CoverI am currently in the middle of playing Fallout 4 and it is the furthest that I have made it in any Bethesda game so far. My biggest problem often is that I get distracted by the side quests or I get so overwhelmed with what it is possible to do that I just never seem to get anywhere. My problem is that I like to complete all the quests and find all the things, which could practically take forever in most Bethesda games.

In Fallout 4 they have really given me a sense of purpose both in the main mission and with the side quests. The people of the Commonwealth trying to carve out better lives for themselves and their family. Then there are all the people, creatures, and things trying to make those lives a little more difficult. It is driving me to want to do more, but it can get so easy to get distracted. I am curious how much further I need to go on the main quest because there are so many other things that can be done! For someone who likes to complete all the quests it is a real struggle.

Forever Repeatable Quest

One area that is really difficult for someone who likes to complete all the things are the constantly repeatable quests. It can be so easy to just get stuck in a loop of constantly going back to the same quest giver who essentially wants you to do the same thing in a different location. There is always a thought in the back of the mind that maybe the next one will be something different or maybe eventually it will open up to something bigger. It is difficult to not pick up the next one in the chain and then next one. At the same time these are often nice because they are usually pretty easy to accomplish and therefore can be over fairly quickly. They can end up being a huge distraction from the main quest and for some who wants to complete everything means that they can spend a lot of time spinning their wheels and not progressing in the story at all.

Overabundance of Side Quests

This leads to another area that can be difficult and that is the never ending side quests, some of which are not even quests. There are all of the side quests that open up and then any time a new location is mentioned that location is brought up on your map. This new location sits there taunting you saying that you want to come here and explore because there could be something interesting to find at this location. So instead of heading to a quest or the main story line you end up going to a random location where you do not even have a quest yet because you need to get, find, and complete all the things!

Not Compelling Main Story

skyrim1So one of the biggest problems I have had with other Bethesda games that I have tried is that the main story line is just not compelling enough and I feel aimless, which means that I usually do not end up playing for very long. If there is not something to keep me playing then I just won’t. I have tried to start Skyrim multiple times and parts of it were interesting, but it just was not enough to keep me invested. Early on it is a pretty simple quest tutorial, but once you are done with that it is kind of like go forth and be in the world. The problem is not the lack of things to do, but how many things there are to do. You can wander off in any direction join any group and the choices are endless, but if there is not a purpose to those choices it just feels sort of blah and endless.


Now games with open worlds are fun, but there is something satisfying about feeling like I can do everything in a game. The Lego video games are great for this feeling because even though there is a lot to get done they have a great percentage tracker to tell you how much you have completed. I have to say the other two games that I have loved is Tomb Raider and Batman: Arkham Asylum. These games give a compelling story and allow you to explore a pretty large area and there is a lot to find. Both of these games it took me some time, but I was able to explore and find everything. In the end it felt rewarding to be at 100% and some of the exploration paid off with some additional little story elements. They can be a little bit shorter than Bethesda games, but they are also incredibly satisfying.

The life of a video game completionist is not always an easy one!

One response to “Struggles of a Video Game Completionist Playing a Bethesda Game

  1. Yeah, Skyrim didn’t do a very good job of hooking you on the main quest early. It gets more interesting and “important” as you go, but it’s never really super urgent. They may tell you it is, but you can still go off and do 30 hours worth of side quests. =P


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