Batman isn’t getting an origin story… and I’m okay with that.

We’re coming up on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s a couple of things. One, it’s a sequel to Man of Steel, so it is by definition a Superman movie. Kind of like Civil War is going to be a Captain America movie… that is to say, maybe this main character will get a bit more screen time. Of course, the plot is based on a Batman comic, so we’ll see how that turns out…

The other thing that this movie is, meanwhile, is the beginning of a multi-movie franchise, with the Justice League at the center. To compare this to Marvel (the company they are and are not cheating off of to do this…), that makes this movie Iron Man 2. Maybe a painful comparison, but there it is. So the Dawn of Justice part ends up equating to the Avengers Initiative – an Initiative that never actually gets off the ground. However, that did not stop The Avengers from being an absolutely outstanding movie that made some of the most money. Ever. So you can see why one of the closest analogs in all of fiction  – the Justice League and the Avengers – might want to copy that winning formula…

So then we have this: the movie release schedule for DC for the next five years. All spinning off of only one movie at first, Man of Steel, the Iron Man of their films. But then, we’re getting a villains movie right off the bat in Suicide Squad – before we get all the hero movies – and then we’re getting a Justice League movie before there are stand-alones, other than Wonder Woman. That would be the same Wonder Woman that we know is being introduced in this film…

It’s backwards of the Marvel model, with the first movies for the heroes coming after the combined movie. The odds of those films being origin stories (or origin-story-like) seem really high to me. But either way, do you see what’s missing?

No stand-alone Batman movie.

Which means he’s definitely not getting an origin story. And you know what I have to say? Thank goodness. He doesn’t need one. People know. Honestly, we probably didn’t need much of Man of Steel either. People know Superman. It’s when we get down to, say, Shazam, that an origin story might be nice. Or Flash and Green Lantern – to differentiate them from other versions.

But Batman? He’s busy being Batman. We know how that goes. Doesn’t need a movie – and so there isn’t one in the works. And I appreciate that and I’m okay with that. How about you? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

6 responses to “Batman isn’t getting an origin story… and I’m okay with that.

  1. I completely agree. Batman’s origin is certainly familiar enough that we don’t need to build a movie around it, we can kind of depend on assumed-knowledge from the audience.

    And in the unlikely event of someone not knowing who Batman is or why he got his start…

    Caveman Recently Unfrozen: Hmmm, I’m curious why this fellow chose the unorthodox avocation of fighting crime dressed like a bat?

    Modern Man: His parents were gunned down by a mugger which fueled his vigilante leanings. He was once startled by a bat, and felt that the bat-iconography might also instill fear in the criminals he pursued, since by and large, they’re a “cowardly, superstitious lot.”

    Caveman: Well summarized, old bean!

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  2. I completely agree. Batman’s origin story has been told so many times through the movies and TV, that everyone should know by now. I want them to focus on just telling a great story, you know?

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