Replaying Final Fantasy V… again

I have played a lot of the Final Fantasy games. Like, a lot. I haven’t played or II yet (have them on my phone), but I’ve beaten III and IVVIX-2played a ton of XIXII and even the DS sequel, the whole XIII trilogy (that one is probably our most blogged, as it’s most recent)… Haven’t played XIV, but might on the PS3 at some point. I’ve been eyeing Type 0-HD as well… add in other assorted games, like DissidiaDimensions, Chocobo’s Dungeon, some Tactics… seriously a lot of Final Fantasy games.

All of which is to say… did you notice that big gaping hole? Final Fantasy V, one of my most-played Final Fantasy games – but I’ve never beaten it.

Final Fantasy V

I’m working on fixing that. I have it on mobile, and have even figured out the Cloud saves – so I can potentially move from playing on my tablet to my phone. It’s mostly been on my tablet, which has been great, since they updated the graphics some too. The names of things have been updated too, although that’s made following along in the strategy guide I have a little harder…

Of course, that’s had me peeking at things online, and I’ve finally figured out the end-goal of the game’s system, something that the strategy guide doesn’t explain, and that the game doesn’t explain. It’s a great system in this game too, the first of the Final Fantasy job systems I encountered. When you master a job, you get those stats – and passive abilities – when you play without a job equipped, or when you play as a Mimic. So your goal, for late-game play, is to have mastered some jobs, and play without a job so that you effectively play as an amalgamation of many jobs…

I’m getting close to the end of world 2, and I’m getting close on mastering some jobs, so it’s nearly time to figure out what this whole game is all about! Plus I’m close to where I’ve gotten in the plot before, so there’s two worlds still to save…

Also, stuff like this!

Also, stuff like this!

6 responses to “Replaying Final Fantasy V… again

  1. I had never played through 6, and finally dug into that one on the phone. Though now there are rumors that the original SNES version might become available in pixel perfect mode on the new 3DS, so I may have to double dip…

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  2. Man, I’ve been wanting to go back to V for a while. I got up to somewhere in the second world years ago when I had it for PSX, but my memory card crapped out and I never restarted it. Not sure what medium I’ll choose when I do give it another go; the sprites in the mobile versions kind of turn me off.

    Do you have a favorite? Or perhaps a favorite new one and a favorite old one? I fell out of playing FF after X, after starting to drift away after VI. For me, that was the pinnacle of the series.

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    • VI was amazing, and I played that on the GB Advance version (on the DS because it had a port). Since that’s getting older, that might be more expensive. The updated sprites and graphics haven’t been too bad on the mobile version, but they are pretty chibi.

      For a couple of recommendations, a recent one in the old style would be Final Fantasy Dimensions, which is on mobile and is awesome. I just re-read my review and it makes me want to play it again (it’s been a while and I didn’t beat it!):

      Of the new-style new games, our favorite has been Final Fantasy XIII-2. XIII itself had its flaws, but had some great characters besides. In XIII-2, though, you’re not playing those characters. So you can watch the plot or the ending sequence online, for instance, and then play XIII-2. Time travel, awesome music, an interesting system… It’s a blast. And it’s full-on middle story in a trilogy. Also, if the main villain didn’t look pretty ridiculous, he’s actually a really good villain. They should just re-render him as Sephiroth… but he’s kind of a mix between Sephiroth and Kefka?

      XII was also fun but was painful as a completionist. They clearly made it while they were working on MMO’s (XI), and thus it has an MMO-style system for treasure chests and treasure, where there’s a chance you get the good treasure and a bigger chance you don’t… except you don’t have thousands of people trying to get the loot and sell it in an auction house, so all of a sudden it can be a giant time sink. But also some excellent characters, and they don’t lean on Vaan as a “main character” as much as they did on Tidus (even though X is clearly about Yuna and not Tidus).

      Alright, there’s my Final Fantasy ramble! Enjoy 🙂


  3. Thanks! I fear I won’t return to the “modern” Final Fantasies anytime soon, but I will look into Dimensions for sure. Too much stuff to play these days (or is it just the lack of time being older?).

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