Team Cap or Team Stark? #CivilWar!

It’s here! The Civil War trailer to end all Civil War trailers. Well, maybe the earlier ones were better, but the Internet exploded about the end of this one… we’ve shared some of our favorites over on our Facebook page.

Also there’s this:

Why are some of those characters on the sides they’re on? I guess we’re going to have to wait and find out! Which means they’re going to have to explain it in the movie… but Hawkeye vs. Black Widow! Scarlet Witch vs. Vision! How? Why?

I think it’s time. We see the teams… what team are you?


4 responses to “Team Cap or Team Stark? #CivilWar!

  1. That little clip of Wanda vs. Vision was the most exciting part for me!
    I have a feeling I’m going to be Team Cap (hey, it’s his movie after all), but we’ll see how I feel after I see the movie…

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  2. Team Cap until convinced otherwise – good luck with that.
    So sad there are only two woman though 😦
    Also, worried about Vision…
    I read Hawkeye being on Cap’s side was simply the result of “him asking first”!
    So, how excited are you about the new Spider-Man?

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    • I am willing to be convinced about a new Spider-Man, let’s put it like that 🙂

      I was really hoping that this movie would introduce the new Captain Marvel, but at this point, there’s already so many characters in the movie… maybe it’s good she’s not? Also would be great if they got in the TV heroes, which would get us Jessica Jones and Quake at least!


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