Re-watching the New Star Trek Movie

Star TrekI remember thoroughly enjoying the new Star Trek movie when it first came out. It has been a little bit since I had watched it so today I decided to take an opportunity to do so. Watching it again I am remembered how good that movie was. There could have been so much that went wrong with that movie because how do you reboot a franchise that is so beloved and already had so much story that was considered cannon? They really did keep the things that are loved about Star Trek, but put a new twist on the story. Now this is not to say that the movie is perfect, but it did start the new movies off on a strong foot.

Not a Reboot, but a Continuation

One of the reasons that I feel the new Star Trek movie works is because it is not actually changing any of the shows or movies that have come before. The problem with doing a reboot is that it erases everything that people have previously experienced and starts it anew. Now sometimes this can work well, but when those stories are as beloved as Star Trek I feel like people would resent if the new movie did not hold true to the old storylines. By using time travel to alter the timeline they essentially made it that all the old shows and movies happened that way and through time travel a new timeline is created where the actual events will be different.  This means that the new movies are not really reboots, but continuations of the story.

Variation on a Familiar Theme

One of the other things that worked really well in favor of the new Star Trek movie is that they used the music to their advantage. The opening starts with the main theme for Star Trek and there is not much you have to hear of it to just feel all the feels. Then throughout the movie the music just feels so perfectly on tone for the scenes. In the final sequence the music just catches your breath with the impact of what is happening. It really is impressive when the very music in a movie just swells with emotion.

Authentic Characters

The most important piece of the movies is that they kept true to the characters. Even though it is new actors they really do embody the crew of the Enterprise. My personal favorites are Karl Urban as Dr McCoy and Simon Pegg as Scotty. Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine do a fantastic job as well, but there is something about Karl Urban and Simon Pegg’s performance that I love. Of course one of the best things about the first movie is how they incorporated Leonard Nimoy as older Spock. The ending with him doing the Star Trek opening is a little heart-wrenching since his passing and makes the moment all the more special.

5 responses to “Re-watching the New Star Trek Movie

  1. The movie’s status as a “reboot” may be its most hotly-debated quality… I actually feel the opposite, that because it’s not quite a reboot but a continuation, it’s so much worse emotionally. They didn’t just reboot the series, they actively deleted and overwrote it. Of course that doesn’t actually affect the old show I love, but it means everything else about the movie aside, and let alone the fact that other people can like anything they want and I don’t take it at all personally, I’m deeply uncomfortable watching it myself.

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    • I see it more as an alternate timeline. So all of the existing stuff exist and happened – and created the universe wherein Nero and Spock Prime come from (and still remember). It’s Star Trek, this wouldn’t be their first alternate timeline 🙂 I know in the books, especially, there’s a lot with the alternate universes.

      I think the upcoming version of this fan feeling that you express is the new Ghostbusters. I’ve heard both that it is a reboot, and that it is a continuation. I have absolutely no idea which it will actually end up being, and I’m not sure, in the end, which would be better.

      In comics, I’m reminded of the “All-New X-Men,” the original X-Men brought forward into the “present” in the comics. It was a way to do a reboot without doing a reboot, and without having to bring your whole comics continuity along with… it also started after this Star Trek movie came out, so honestly I feel like the movie may have been an inspiration…

      Anyway. Rebooting or not rebooting… either can get messy 🙂

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