Revisiting Skyrim

I have a really bad habit of always wanting to create new characters, no matter the game. It was a bad habit of mine when I used to play WoW, it was a huge habit when I was younger and played Morrowind, and I never got far in Oblivion because I always restarted. I think part of that was based in the pre-built characters, and wanting to try a different style of playing early in the game because I didn’t like the one I was playing or just out of curiosity. The only way to try a new style when I played those games was to start over.


It’s been talked about on the blog before, but I’ve been playing Skyrim (on PS3) again on and off recently, and I’ve been pushing myself to stay with the same character. One of the reasons I love Skyrim so much is because you actually can stick with the same character – while also trying out new styles of play whenever you want. The way that Skyrim lets you build any combination of character from the start is amazing. I love that you can level using any skill, and are as competent in them as you try to be. I started this game as a heavy armor wearing mage who stole anything and everything, but that turned into a light armor wearing conjurer who uses bows.

The addition of making skills Legendary upon maxing them out is another fantastic way of continuing to try new styles within the same game. To make myself stay with the same character, I’ve been resetting skills – even ones I use all the time (RIP my awesome sneakiness) to try new styles of play without giving into my awful character creation addiction. One can only escape from Helgen so many times before it gets old. This is challenging me to experiment and explore. I’m actually doing quests I thought were too tedious before to even try. I spent more time in Blackreach this time (if you’ve been there, you know how intensive it can be) because I wanted to experience more. I’ve been checking out the many hidden Easter Eggs and the Unmarked Locations, some of which are insanely cool and hilarious.


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I’ve loved Skyrim since it came out. The gameplay is so much fun. The scenery is breathtaking. The characters are engaging and oftentimes hilarious (“I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee”). I think that’s part of the reason I could not get into Elder Scrolls Online. After Skyrim, it was such a letdown graphically, gameplay-wise, and in terms of story. Plus for me that was all coupled with the fact that I’m really over MMOs because people in general are the worst and I’d rather do my own thing. Skyrim, on the other hand, I can return to again and again. I’ll probably start a new character at some point, and try to challenge myself with different parameters, like no fast traveling at all, but for now I’m going to try to get through as much of the game as I can. It’s going to take me a while.


9 responses to “Revisiting Skyrim

  1. SKYRIM! FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. You’re the first person I’ve heard about who also likes creating new characters all the time! I feel like it’s a bad habit for me, because like you said, instead of finishing a game I’ll often go back and restart it. Sometimes it takes me like three or four false starts before I’ll actually commit to a character and complete an RPG! It’s just so fun, though… 🙂

    I also love Skyrim and have played it on and off since it came out too. I’ve played three characters, I think — never finished the main questline though!

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    • The main questline is really fun to do at least once, but there’s so much more to Skyrim than that quest. Sometimes I feel like the Civil War quest is more like the main quest in the game.

      And yeah I’m horrible about starting new characters. Probably what I love about playing The Sims so much! But games like Dragon Age and Skyrim…it usually means I don’t get much done and have to force myself to actually finish the game.

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    • Julia and I share this love of character creating… and likely the same problem of not finishing the games… there is something to be said for Final Fantasy-style RPGs where your characters are created for you, and it’s more about the story and the system. I have a far greater completion rate for FF games than for other RPGs!

      Like the Bioware games… I finally beat Mass Effect 2 right before Mass Effect 3 came out, and Dragon Age 2 right before Dragon Age Inquisition came out… and have definitely never finished a main quest in an Elder Scrolls game!

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