Hordes and the Trollololos

When I got into Warmachine (and its companion game Hordes), I was one of two people in town that we knew of who played. We set up to play at the first Platypus Con, where our third player got to play his first games. In between, we reached a point where we have weekly games, we had a Journeyman League with seven players, a tournament with six, and at the second Platypus Con I got to play a big three player game that was a ton of fun.

I’m at about a year and a half with my army, and I’m at the point where I have about everything in the army. It’s a small army, a limited release, so that wasn’t too hard… it helped me limit myself. But now we have more players, a more competitive environment, and I’ve found that I really enjoy the game. I listen to podcasts, plot and scheme and strategize… it was time to branch out and learn something new.

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It’s maybe the craziest time to jump into the Trollbloods. Just last month, there was a new errata that majorly nerfed the most powerful things in the Troll army. However, I find this to be a great and freeing thing. Instead of feeling like I “have to” play these powerhouse things, I can be creative and figure out what works now. It’s like stepping into a whole new faction, and not an old established one!

Of course, I also find myself looking at forums and tips and old army lists… but I have to dig back a couple of years, before the recently-nerfed things came to the forefront… and at that time, some of the awesome new things didn’t exist either. So it really is almost a wild west.

Their newest leader – titled the Dire Prophet (awesome) – is also just amazing. Every cool tactic that I thought about doing with another army, as I hunted for a good second one, is shut down by the Dire Prophet. So if he stops all the shenanigans that I want to perpetrate… well, if you can’t beat them join them?

So Trolls. Expect to see more from them, especially on our Instagram. We have more new players, and we’re doing a second Journeyman League starting probably next month. I’m excited to use it, like most people do, to learn a new faction, to start from small, and grow to bigger as you learn things. I also hope to achieve more painting and more games than our last Journeyman League! And hey, maybe Holly will do some painting too, so we’ll be sure to share some of that.

And so far? I’m loving what I have!

Fort Troll under siege! #trollbloods #skorne #warmahordes

A photo posted by @comparative_geeks on

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