Was there anything good from the Big Game commercials?

So, we were at a party for the recent sports bowl, but it was multigenerational and they decided that some commercials might be inappropriate for the young ones… so they skipped the commercials and just watched the game. If we were hosting the party, might have been the reverse…

We have in the past given lists of commercials from the game, especially trailers, after the game. They have been poorly received, because people catch them at the time or soon after. Others compile them. It’s not something we need to do.

Meaning I didn’t do it this year… but maybe should have. I’ve seen a couple of trailers, but that’s it. So… was there anything you would recommend from this year’s game’s commercials? Let us know or drop a YouTube link in the comments below! And after the drop, one of the few commercials that we saw during the game… and that I did not care for.

The Super Bowl Babies

So, I was considering writing a whole post ranting about these commercials, but I ran out of steam on them. In the end, they weren’t worth it. But they still rubbed me the wrong way.

It plays into the whole masculine, macho, testosterone-fueled mentality around football, I guess. Just the thought that your team wins, and what you do is go off and have unprotected sex and an accident baby. And it was the NFL running the ads…

And it reminded me of past years, when the memes and such were going around about how porn use sky rocketed in the losing team’s city.

Combine the two, and it’s like… really? Football plays that much a part of peoples’ lives? And the scary thing is the thought that all these facts are true…

Okay, so Geek versus Sports… is there anything in the world of geeks that affects us this much? Or that there would be the thought that it would? A Doctor Who Christmas Special? The Deadpool movie? I just don’t know.

But it’s also ironic I guess… Geeks are defined by their passion for the things they love, but do we have anything to match the “mainstream” and their passions?

9 responses to “Was there anything good from the Big Game commercials?

  1. Civil War was easily the stand-out spot. And the only one which actually is worth discussing, aside from Jungle book, perhaps. Most of the other stuff was either boring, generic or convinced me to not watch the movie. (Well, the Jungle book trailer put me off, too, but it was an interesting glimpse into what the movie will actually look like).

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  2. I didn’t have a chance to watch any of the commercials, being in Japan, obviously, so I can’t really contribute on that front. But as far as Geek vs. Sports, I think the Geek world has its fair share. Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and which Trekkie captain is the favorite seem to transfer into sport team rivalries and stuff…. of course it doesn’t go as crazy as sports fans…. but also keep in mind geekdom things are usually predetermined fiction. Sports are real people with “real world/time stakes” and therefore the emotional spike is much higher. You can root for the good guy in movies/comics/books and 98% of the time, you know they are going to win. Somehow, and in a majority of cases, will win and have a happily ever after. In sports, morality/virtue has nothing to do with wins and losses.

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    • The other piece to all of your good points being that there are very few shared time experiences… Books, games, movies… We interact with them over time. We’ll be talking about these things long after this Bowl is a distant vague memory. So TV is the closest to that shared moment… And streaming is changing that!

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