Completionism and Board Game Expansions

So when looking on Amazon, and trying to finish an order (used to be for free shipping, now more from trying to round out a gift card…), I usually look back through my ever-increasing wish list of board games and card games. Good stuff – some we’ve seen on TableTop, some we’ve played, some that are recommended.

And then, just a huge amount of expansions.

Expansions to board games is a growing and exploding market. They tend to add a lot to a game – not only in terms of content and new stuff and new rules and options, but replayability. Suddenly there’s so much going on with the game – often a bunch that you haven’t experienced, or haven’t experienced in combination – that it’s always great.

Recently we realized – we don’t actually have a complete game set. Well, maybe for Miskatonic School for Girls… we got the expansion for that.

Miskatonic School for Girls - Holiday Break expansion

Though we haven’t played this expansion yet…

In other words, we have this whole game because it only has one expansion! That’s a really low amount for games anymore. So let me consider a few that we could pursue because we are close or interested – then I’d love to know what you think, or if you have any complete games, in the comments below!

Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror As Seen on Tabletop

One of our very favorite games, we have two of the full-board expansions for this game, and a number of the small boxes. However, there’s two more big boxes and I think some more small boxes we still don’t have! There’s just a lot to this game.

Adding the options is nice because they don’t necessarily make the game longer – it’s incredibly long already. Instead, it adds more options, new stuff, new challenges. And it keeps it hard as we get good at the game. Because it’s still a game that likes to chew the players up and spit them out.

Firefly the Game

Oh man, this is a great game, and as we said – one that would be easy to expand by just adding new story over-arching quests. I’m pretty sure they’ve done that, along with two board additions, several new ships, and even paintable blank ships!

Firefly the Game paintable ships

Okay, maybe we don’t need those, but new and different ship types, some new cards and characters, new story missions, new places to go? All sounds good.

Our other problem? Our friends and sometimes-contributors AC Powers also have the game – and have different expansions from us. So it’s a question of, should we get what they have? Should only one of us focus on the game? If so, who? And so… nobody has focused on it…

Battlestar Galactica

We still love this show, and still have a soft spot for this game. We actually only have the base game, but we’ve played the game with the full three other major expansions – and we agree, it’s a way better game them.

Battlestar Galactica

One of the biggest things that the expansions add is more for the Cylon player(s) to do. And, you keep the Cylon fleet together and in formation – so they’ll jump in in those same grid locations. So that there’s a strategy that the Cylons can use as opposed to just being a boogeyman.

However, they keep hovering around $30+ each, so to pick up the three expansions… $100… would we play the game enough to legitimate that?

Small World

Here’s one we’re really close on – Small World. Heck, I think we also have almost all of the expansions in app form! It’s a great game for two on a plane. It’s also a great game for however many players! In fact, I’ve even seen they have a 6-player board, but it was really expensive. The other expansions have been far cheaper, and a ton of fun. With the random civilization-building aspect to the game, we really never see the same thing twice, which is something that just increases with more options.

However, there’s one thing we don’t have yet.

Smallworld Underground

Yet again, AC Powers have this one, so we haven’t felt the need. So then, we don’t have the Tunnels expansion to connect them, and haven’t used Realms to do anything with it… And really, if we’re going to mix it all up, we probably want it to be our set. This might be one to get…

Honorable and Dishonorable Mentions

One worth mentioning is Munchkin Quest – as far as I can tell, there’s one expansion, and then the Portal Kombat pack which we already have. If we just got that one expansion, we’d be there…

On the flip side, Munchkin is a game you could bankrupt yourself trying to keep up with – there’s constantly new main sets, and then expansions to those! I just saw the new Munchkin Steampunk with art by Phil Foglio! We each had a couple when we got together years ago, but haven’t really picked up much more sense. Because even more than these others I’ve talked about – where would we start?

Oh, and on mobile we have a lot of expansions (but not all), so Ticket to RideAscension, and Lords of Waterdeep. Actually, might have all of Waterdeep…

And I should mention Chrononauts, because I think we actually do have that whole game, and it is a blast to play all together with the full timeline. Just more motivation to consider the others…

Game covers snagged from Amazon where I’m sure all of these games – and expansions – can be purchased! So how about you? Do you have any complete games – or any thoughts on the above? Let us know in the comments below!

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