I Can’t Even With Today

So today is one of those days that I just look at the world and go “really, I mean really!!” Early in the morning I got to see all the Facebook posts about the CDC deciding that they needed to make new policies to combat fetal alcohol syndrome. I fully appreciate that this is a serious health issue that can happen to a baby and can be prevented, at the same time there is taking things too far. In a lot of ways the policy reduces every woman down to whether she could potentially get pregnant or not.

Now that is just one ridiculous moment brought to us by a government agency. Then on top of that I got to hear about the most ridiculous men’s rights group and how they are either trying to legitimately argue or satirically writing about how rape should become legal as a way to keep rape from happening. I mean, who could even begin to think that would work or that it is even something to write satire about? Thus: why I am just having a day where I can’t even.

I can't even

CDC Accidentally Trolls Women

Now who knows exactly what the CDC was thinking when they released their most recent policy decision, but how no one had the thought that it was a stupid idea is beyond me. I mean to just tell every woman who is not currently using birth control to stop drinking because they might possibly get pregnant, which might possibly result in fetal alcohol syndrome, seems like a terrible idea. I don’t know the statistics for fetal alcohol syndrome, but I do know that they are not sure exactly why it happens, therefore they are overly cautious when it comes to drinking while pregnant. At the same time isn’t it better to say that if you want to get pregnant or think you might be pregnant to stop drinking, at least until you are sure?

That means that if you are say in a relationship where you won’t get pregnant then it does not really matter. Also the fact is that we cannot reduce a woman’s life choices down to will-she-get-pregnant-or-not. The other piece is the fact that if we actually help women who do not want to get pregnant to not get pregnant then it would not be an issue to begin with.

Of course, we never seem to want to look at the root of the problem.

Trying to Be Funny, Maybe

I mean the thing with the CDC is annoying because really it is an organization that should know better. At the same time on top of that hearing about a men’s group that is run by a guy that apparently writes about how rape should be legalized so that rape does not happen. Now I think the guy does specify that it should be legal on private property, but the distinction really does not matter. He also claims that the whole article is satire, but even if it is it seems in particular bad taste. The basic idea is that if a woman is afraid to be raped she will protect herself same way she would protect her purse. At the same time even when we are afraid we might be robbed it doesn’t mean that we don’t get robbed. The idea that if women just fortify ourselves enough we can keep bad things from happening.

Of course there are places of the world where this is a real life situation. Where women are forced to completely cover themselves because if they don’t they could be raped and be blamed for what happens as well. I mean the fact is that what this guy is talking about is not an entirely unrealistic situation, it is something that occurs in parts of the world and is a tragedy at that. If it is satire how dare you make light of a situation that women live in fear about every day of their lives. Listening to what this person and this group does just makes my brain stop for a second because it is trying to process the mound of steaming excrement that is being spewed.

Done With Today

Now this all boils down to why I am just feeling done with today. I mean I try and move forward and look at the positive things in life. I genuinely feel like the the force of good is strong in the world and can prevail. It is also well known that sometimes the closer we come to change the more those against change will lash out, but sometimes I just end up flabbergasted at what people will still do and say; from the random people on the Internet to the government agencies that are supposed to have service for everyone. Which is why I am just done for today.

Hopefully tomorrow can have a little bit brighter of a horizon.

One response to “I Can’t Even With Today

  1. I feel you on this one. I had an extra glass of wine with dinner tonight because I also could not even today.

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