Interview: Platypus Con 2016!

Platypus Gaming logo by Pat Race

The new Platypus Gaming logo (by Pat Race:

While we haven’t been able to do as much this year with Platypus Con as we did last year (just going to throw the Geek Baby under the bus here and blame her…), we’re still excited for the convention – and it’s this coming weekend! The busy event organizer took a few minutes and answered some questions about the Con, now in its second year.

You can find more about Platypus Con on their site, Platypus Gaming, and you can buy tickets here.

Comparative Geeks: What made you want to start a gaming convention?

Platypus Gaming: I’ve always enjoy the convention experience but I know how cost prohibitive it can be to get the experience for people living in Juneau. I also love sharing my love of board games with others. So it seemed only natural to make an event people could enjoy at very low cost which would give me an outlet to share my passion as well.

CG: Why “Platypus” Con?

PG: The platypus is definitely my favorite animal; if I had a patronus it is the form it would take. I also wanted the event to have a very unique name so that it was always easy to recognize.

CG: How many games would you say are in the Lending Library?

PG: We keep pretty active track of the games we have in the library since it has grown rather large. Just before the convention this year we crossed the 900 games line. It has great variety with everything to fun kids games to brain burning heavy games.

CG: Okay, that’s a lot of games! So if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three games would you want to have with you?

PG: My first instinct would be to pick Forbidden Island, Castaways, and Robinson Cruesoe. That might be a little too on-the-mark though. If I was alone I would want my whole Lord of the Rings LCG set. If I wasn’t alone I’d probably want something longer like Eclipse or Power Grid.

CG: Hey, at least I didn’t ask for a favorite game, among 900…

This is the second year of the Platypus Con. What’s going to be different this year from last year?

PG: Instead of adding lots of new things we’ve tried to improve our ideas from last year. We have more tournaments and have tried to choose games that are more well known or easier to learn. Also we’ve freed up our game teachers to be available for more on request teaching so that people have an opportunity to learn the games they really want to. We also are hosting a Magic the Gathering Draft which is new for us.

CG: Which games are you most excited to play?

PG: We just got the newest expansion for Ascension (Dreamscape) which I am looking forward to playing. On the teaching front, I really am looking forward to introducing more people to Between Two Cities.

CG: What event would you say shouldn’t be missed?

PG: While all the games we have will still be around to enjoy in the future, this might be the only time that Giant Tsuro makes it to Alaska. So if you want an experience you might not get a chance to experience again, make sure to join us for that on Friday night.

CG: I remember giant Qwirkle, but Giant Tsuro sounds fun!

What would you like to see for next year’s Platypus Con?

PG: More people. We had stellar attendance last year but we are also hoping to spread the love of board gaming far and wide. In the future we might expand past the walls of the JAHC but until then I just hope to share the experience with more people. We also want to continue to improve we are always open and hoping for suggestions!

CG: Anything you want to say that I haven’t asked about?

PG: I would just say thank you to everyone who has helped make this convention a success last year and this year as well. This includes all the people who came last year and are planning on coming this year. Without our attendees we are nothing.

CG: Well said.

What would say to people on the fence about buying tickets?

PG: I would just ask them to come check us out. We are happy to let you have a look around the library and the hall before you purchase a pass. That or just get a day pass and upgrade for the difference later. Everyone who gave us a try last year decided to stay and play a few games with us.

You can find Platypus Gaming on Facebook and on Instagram, as well as on their website:

I’ll be at the Con playing Warmachine! Expect to see some pictures on Instagram this weekend. Meanwhile, buy some tickets! Go to the Con! Um, fly here from other places to come!…


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