Open Thread – What are you excited for in 2016?

We’ve spent the last few days talking about what all we were excited for this year – how about you? It seems like a year for hype…

There just seems like a lot to be excited about this year, especially if you are a comics fan, especially especially if you are a superhero comics fan… Oh and speaking of, hey, maybe Marvel and DC won’t reset their comics continuity this year… There’s certainly a lot of good looking movies that already have release dates

Anyway! What are you excited for this year? Let us know in the comments below!


24 responses to “Open Thread – What are you excited for in 2016?

  1. Deadpool!
    X-Men Apocalypse

    I will likely see BvS and CACW in the theaters too, but eh. I prefer to see the others instead.

    The new Lego game for the Avengers (though not sure how I feel about a more movie-centric game)

    Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead, coming back next month, along with Better Call Saul.

    Finally catching up with 12 Monkeys on SyFy.

    That may be it for now 🙂

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    • That’s a good start 🙂 The Fox Marvel-property movies are pretty exciting this year – the third being Gambit, which I am super curious about! But I have no idea how I feel about the future of them making pretty much any movies in this franchise.

      And yeah, a return to a Lego movie-related movie… Although I guess they’re still doing those, we just haven’t played the Hobbit or Jurassic World yet! We’ll see how it compared to the first Marvel Lego game 🙂

      And hey look, it’s even an exciting year for comics video games… 🙂 And Walking Dead is a comic!

      How is 12 Monkeys?


  2. Everything Marvel will release.
    Zootopia and Moana (one year without Disney animation is one year too long)
    The new season of Outlander.
    Kind of curious about Deadpool, BvS and Suicide Squad.
    Also kind of curious about Jungle book, even though I will most likely not watch it….

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    • Yeah, oh so much Marvel! And as you say, there’s the more “adult-oriented” comic movies – those will be interesting.

      Jungle Book made us curious too, but it was supposed to come out this last fall. A long delay like this makes us hesitant, although in this case I imagine it was to do more CG work. I think it’s a solid rental!

      And yes, some good Disney Animation Studios titles. We’ve been bulking up our animated movie collection recently (for the Geek Baby, obviously…) but we already had this whole studio’s work locked up. We were missing a lot of Pixar though, oddly enough… We’ve fixed that some!


      • Need some recommendations? I am kind of an animation buff….meaning I also know the more obscure works which are so worth watching!

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        • Well our first collection completed was the Miyazaki films so we’re off to a good start!


          • Certainly…but they are only the obvious picks. I just covered the best animated movies of the 20th century in a long article series, but for some newer productions, you really shouldn’t miss out on Aardman – especially since those movies are particularly child-friendly without being stupid or talking down to the audience – and Laika.
            If you want something more poetic, don’t miss out on “Song of the Sea” and “Secret of Kells” (Song of the Sea is the newer of the two movies, but it is the better one imho…I would have given it the Academy Award last year over Big Hero 6).
            Then there are a few DreamWorks movies which are worth the watch, especially Rise of the Guardians! Don’t miss out on this one, I wish it had been around when I was a child.
            And finally, if you want some animation for adults (no, not this kind of adult, something which addresses some really serious and complicated themes), everything by Satoshi Kon is a must-see.

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          • *takes notes* Thankya 🙂 And yeah, Rise of the Guardians was great!


          • It’s my favourite DreamWorks movie. Usually, though, their output is very mediocre.

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          • We’ve really enjoyed the How to Train Your Dragon movies, but yeah, that was kind of a surprise as well because the rest of their stuff has not been as inspired.


  3. I’m excited for Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Beasts, Series 2 of Daredevil and Series 3 of Agents of SHIELD (it doesn’t start screening in the UK until this Sunday so I’m behind).
    I really wish I could say I was excited about Batman vs Superman, but I’m putting my hype level at ‘interested’.

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    • Yeah, my Batman vs. Superman level is confused. I enjoyed The Dark Knight Returns well enough, which certainly seems like their inspiration. However, Man of Steel was very meh, and they seem to be trying to be The Avengers, only backwards. Honestly, I would love to see their current TV universe become the movie universe, but they seem set on these movies…

      And where has Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them been in our discussions? The fact that they’ve already snuck in a trailer for that is great. I am a thoroughly self-aware Harry Potter fan, so I am very excited for more from this universe.

      Enjoy Agents of SHIELD series 3 – it’s been pretty good so far, with a couple of just phenomenal episodes. The pacing has been much more brisk than in the last couple of seasons, as well, so it’s been a more enjoyable experience on a weekly basis.


    • I can’t believe that I forgot Fantastic Beast…I guess it is mostly because I keep forgetting that it is supposed to be released this year.

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      • It’s November so it’s a long wait. It’s like being excited for Rogue One… sure, that’s this December, but it’s a long time to wait. For now, I’m more excited to buy The Force Awakens and watch it again!


  4. I’m feeling very optimistic about Civil War, the trailer gets me excited.

    I’m also looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow and when the Flash returns for the rest of Season 2 vs Zoom.

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    • Yeah, the trailer allayed some of my fears about Civil War having too much going on. It’s still going to be a huge cast. Which will be fun, anyway!

      And yeah, the return of the CW comics shows is some of the nearest-term excitement. Legends of Tomorrow just seems like it is going to be an absolute blast. And Zoom! They’ve reached the point in the season that it sounds like we’re going to start seeing everyone’s dopplegangers – which should cause all sorts of problems.

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  5. I’d love to figure out how to see these (BETTER BE) awesome movies while they’re in theaters without actually having to leave my house. That would be cool.

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    • Someday someone will come up with a (legal) way to do that, yeah. But right now movies like Veronica Mars and Snowpiercer are the closest example… not sure they changed the industry!


  6. Stoked about each and every one. I really doubt Gambit will make it’s 2016 release date though. I think it’ll be pushed.

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