What Julia is Excited for in 2016

David and Holly have both shared their lists to get 2016 started, so now it’s my turn! I’ll do my best for no repeats, but for movies and shows that may be difficult…there’s so much coming out! In general I’m hoping for a more relaxed year than last year, I had way too much going on (yay I’m not planning a wedding this year!) I actually am a huge New Year’s Resolutions person, so I’m really hoping that this year will be a year of change for me.

Movies, More Movies, and T.V. Oh My!

There is so much coming out this year. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I had so much to look forward to in film! I’m looking forward to everything, but if I had to choose a favorite I can’t wait to see, it would have to be X-Men: Apocalypse. As one of my favorite superhero story lines, I’m really excited to see what they do with it. But until (and even after) that comes out, I’ll just have to keep up with the insane list of movies that I also want to see.

In terms of TV, they’ve been throwing around so many hints since Jessica Jones premiered that they were releasing a Luke Cage series on Netflix this year, and I’m hoping they stick to that. In the meantime I have lots I need to catch up on. I haven’t even had a chance to actually watch Daredevil yet, so hopefully I find time soon.

Video Games

P and I still have just a PS3, and so we keep running into the problem of not having as many new games released for our console as we would otherwise. There will be a new Lego game, Marvel’s Avengers, later this month, but we’re also still catching up on Assassin’s Creed games together, so we have that for the moment. I may also take the time to try some of The Sims 4’s expansions to see if they maybe contain the features I felt lacking, or maybe even better ones than previous games. And heck, I still need to finish playing through Nancy Drew mysteries; I got distracted by moving.


I was terrible about reading last year, and I’d really like to work on that (yes, it’s a resolution). I signed up for Kindle First (for Prime, a free new book by an author a month, you get to choose from 6) back when I first got my Kindle, and I’ve been great about picking out a book with it, but horrible about actually reading those books. Besides just wanting to read more in general, I’m definitely looking to expand my reading horizons and try new authors and genres I usually wouldn’t. Plus I think I have a few books on my shelf and a few classics that I haven’t read but definitely should.

Milestones and Resolutions

This year will actually be a calmer, less milestone-driven year for me (hopefully; there may still be another move in there somewhere). I am honestly looking forward to that, because it gives me more time to pursue the things that I wanted to do last year, like write more, read more, and as an added bonus this year there’s a ton of movies coming out that provide for fantastic date nights. Living in a smaller town, those have become more scarce than when we were living in a big city. Besides wanting to enjoy myself, though, I’m definitely looking forward to a chance to expand myself and focus more on things like this blog, and creating a writing discipline for myself. Bring it on 2016!

6 responses to “What Julia is Excited for in 2016

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  2. Nter the Cranium

    Im so psyched for Xmen Apocalypse. Im not too excited for Civil War because it feels like another Avengers movie. Avengers 2.5


    • I’m upset about Civil War because I love both characters so much choosing between them will be difficult. Also from the trailers I feel like they’ve done an amazing job making that feel like a truly difficult decision. Like they know the character followings are that intense.

      Still though I’m not as excited by that as I am Apocalypse. They’ve described it as a full world apocalyptic destruction movie and that has me seriously giddy.

      I feel slightly bad about that…


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