What Holly is Excited for in 2016

New Year’s Eve has come and gone and we have officially entered in to 2016. Now we are not New Year’s resolutions sort of people, but as we enter in to a new year it is fun to reflect on what things that are coming up this year to be excited about. Some of them are new things and others are things that we actually get to enjoy this year. So here are a few things that I am excited for in 2016.

Legends of Tomorrow

I have been so excited for this new Flash and Arrow spinoff ever since I first heard it was coming. It is time travel and superheroes, what more could you ask for. Oh and did I mention that Arthur Darvil of Doctor Who fame is playing the time traveller, which just makes my inner fangirl squee so hard. I cannot wait for this show and it comes out this month, OMG!!!


There has not been a year featuring so many good movies in a long while. This year there is almost one movie a month coming out that I want to see. This is not just all of the movies based on comic books, but it is also sequels and remakes. Then there is the movie based on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I really hope is good because the book is fantastic. Honestly this is the year to start going to the movies.

New Console Games

So we bought a new console toward the end of last year and while we have played a lot of Fallout 4 there are still plenty of other games that have been released that we now get to enjoy because we own the new console. Two of those games in particular are Tomb Raider and Batman. These games came out last year and Tomb Raider ended up being an Xbox One exclusive, which is part of what drove our decision. I am excited about getting to spend some time with these new games. I am looking forward to see what else will actually come out this year that we might want to play as well.

Return to Reading

So with the birth of Geek Baby, pregnancy, and the whole Litflix run I have not done much general reading. If I was reading I was reading for a Litflix and not one of the books that I currently own and have not read. That is why I have set a goal for myself to try and read two books a month, not including trade paperback of comics. I figured out that if I could average around 30-33 pages a day that would be about 1000 pages a month which could easily be counted as two books. I will be trying to track my progress on GoodReads if you are interested in following my progress.


It might not need to be said, but this year is definitely going to bring some big milestones in our life. In May it will be one year since the birth of Geek Baby and that is going to be so amazing. We have been going with the blog now for 3 years this month and have somehow been keeping up with it through most of that time and have plans to try and grow that. We already have some ideas for trips that we want to plan with Geek Baby for this year.

At least from this end 2016 is looking like it is going to be a good year.


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