Verdict: Supergirl

David and I had wanted to watch Supergirl, but when we dropped cable we no longer had access to CBS. While visiting my grandma we were able to watch the show from the beginning to see if it would be worth it just to get it on iTunes. We watched the first two episodes and are already hooked – we bought the season pass on iTunes. I never really knew the origin to Supergirl so I do not know how accurate the show’s storytelling is in terms of the comics, but I like the story that the show presents.

The show, so far, has done a lot of things really well. I really like that the show is exploring what it means to become a hero and how to define yourself. The big thing though is that they are doing a female superhero right. If you have not started watching this show I recommend that you do.

Becoming a Superhero

One thing that I really like is that Kara becoming Supergirl is not an easy road. It is not as if she wakes up one day and decides to be a hero and then everything falls into place. She has to work really hard at discovering who she is as a hero. She tried to just live a normal life, but as she got older she felt that something was missing. Then when she got to help people she realized that she wanted to do more. At the same time what does that even look like?

The story of Supergirl is really starting from the beginning. As someone who has no connection to the police or any sort of organization how do you even get started? So she just starts to try and do things, but often ends up screwing things up a little bit – or a lot. The important part is that she keeps trying to do better because deep down she wants to help.

Female Superhero Done Right

The other piece that I really appreciate is the fact that it is a female superhero and she is competent. She is new to this whole hero thing, but at the same time she is not a complete imbecile. She can fly, has laser eyes, super strength, and bulletproof. Not only can she give a punch, but she can take one as well. They show that she is just as good as Superman, but at the same time they do remember that being a female in this day and age is not the same as being a male superhero.

The expectations for Supergirl, even the questions that she is asked and how she is treated are different. In an interview she is asked about starting a family and a radio personality comments on her looks and sexuality. These are all issues that are often experienced by female celebrities. At the same time the show is great about calling out these presented issues.

Strong Female Characters

The other piece that is fantastic is that Kara or Supergirl is not the only strong female character. Kara as a young girl was adopted into a human family and has a sister. The sister plays a prominent role in the show and is a hero in her own right by working with a secret government agency.

Then there is Kara’s regular life boss, played by Calista Flockhart, and she is a complex, interesting character. At first she is the CEO of a media conglomerate and can come across as a bit demanding. Yet, as we get to know her more we see that she is more than meets the eyes. She is not just a woman doing a man’s job, she is a woman with her own agenda and personality building a company up and keeping it going.

It is just great to see characters that fit more than just the side character role and that there are possibly more women than men on the show.


We are definitely enjoying Supergirl so far. We’ll be finishing the season and hoping for more. One question we have is whether there will be any crossovers with Flash or Arrow, since the characters (like Superman) have not been mentioned in those shows. How they explain that will be interesting. However, this show could stand on its own even without the shared universe.

We were noticing that we had not added many new shows this season – but we’re glad we found this one! How about you? Are you watching Supergirl? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

5 responses to “Verdict: Supergirl

  1. hollykerrauthor

    I’m liking Supergirl but more importantly, my nine- year daughter loves watching it with me! Finally a superhero she can look up to!


  2. Tried the pilot. HATED it. It is exactly the kind of feminist lip service with no backing whatsoever I hate.

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  3. I got put off by the trailer and that’s what’s supposed to draw you in. I think Arrow can be too cheesy at times and this one is as cheddar as it gets.


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