First Impressions Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones premiered today and after Daredevil David and I were excited to see what this show would be like. Currently we have watched the first two episodes and so far it does not disappoint. The first episode introduces us to Jessica and to the main plot for this season. They have done a good job in the first couple of episodes of introducing us to the main players in the story. Of course we have Jessica Jones the private investigator and her pushy best friend. Then we have the unbreakable Luke Cage, a lawyer that hires Jessica for odd jobs, and the mysterious villain. We understand that Jessica has a history with the villain and that what happened between them still affects her. At the same time it is a villain that is beyond the standard law enforcements capability to handle. It will be interesting to watch the rest of the episodes because it is already pretty intense. (Minor spoilers for the first episodes of Jessica Jones)

Cast of Characters

So far the cast of characters for this show has been amazing in the first two episodes. Jessica as the main character is a loner who is just trying to make a living and get over a traumatizing experience. She is particularly cynical about people and life, but that makes sense with her being a private investigator and catching people in lies all the time. She works with an amazing female attorney played by Carrie Ann Moss, who is pretty devious and seems to have more about her that we will discover. Jessica also has a best friend from her past who is currently a successful daytime host who is not willing to give up on Jessica and is secretly training herself to fight for some undisclosed reason. 

Then there is Luke Cage. Jessica seems to be keeping tabs on Luke, but we are not sure specifically why. There are suspicions, but nothing concrete. At the same time we have been introduced to the fact that Luke Cage is superhuman because he is invulnerable. Finally, we have the evil Kilgrave. In the first episode they show us just how diabolical and truly evil Kilgrave is. The second episode expands on this and shows just how much of a sociopath he really is.

Overarching Story

The overarching story is fascinating because basically Kilgrave is trying to get back at Jessica. There is a history between the two of them, basically Kilgrave was using his mind control powers to control Jessica, but something happens and he ended up dead; or so she thought. Now he shows back up in her life to mess with her head. In the first episode Jessica has to decide whether she will just turn tail and run or if she wants to fight back. There would not be much of a season if she just ran, but learning more about Kilgrave I can understand why she would want to.

To get back at Jessica, Kilgrave sends her a love note in the form of a young girl that he controlled and sent her parents to hire Jessica to find her. The explosive ending ends up with the young girl arrested and Jessica the only one who knows it is not really her fault. So now Jessica needs to figure out how to prove that Kilgrave has the power to control someone’s mind and make them do things. It will be interesting to see how she accomplishes that.

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    I’ve only had the chance to watch the first few minutes on Netflix. I’ll be getting on that today.

    Thank you for your review


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