Building Towards Legends of Tomorrow

As someone who watches both Flash and Arrow I am super excited for Legends of Tomorow. When I first heard that they were doing a spinoff I was extremely curious. Then the first preview came out and I really hope they pull it off because they are fully committing to time travel in the show.

Obviously with us knowing the show was coming and with the advertising we knew who was going to end up on the show, but by the end of the previous seasons of Flash and Arrow I was not sure how they were going to gather all the necessary characters with where they had left off with them. In particular some of them were presumed – or known – to be dead. This season they have done a fantastic job of slowly bringing those characters back to their current shows and giving us an idea of why and how they will end up joined together on Legends of Tomorrow.

Starting Point

I really did not know how they were going to bring these seemingly disparate characters together for this new show. We have a couple villains (the Rogues), a character that has not been introduced yet (Hawkgirl), Firestorm from Flash, a dead assassin (Sara Lance), and a believed dead tech genius (Ray Palmer). Starting out this season the Rogues, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are not on friendly terms with the Flash, although they have a tentative peace. Sara Lance is dead and seemingly staying that way. Ray Palmer has been presumed dead and there has been no news to the contrary for six months. Then there is Hawkgirl who we have not even heard of yet. The only person who is in any position to start doing anything is Firestorm and he is currently helping the Flash with their current crisis – and there’s only half of him. At the beginning of the season there does not seem a likelihood of a spinoff occurring with these characters.

Pieces Falling Into Place

Both Arrow and Flash have done a fabulous job of moving the necessary pieces forward toward Legends of Tomorrow, but not making it out-of-ordinary for the shows. A simple thing that they have done is to give a little more background to Captain Cold, which might explain why he might  join a group trying to save the future. They still need to hash out more of the details for how he joins, but that could be done in the first episode of the new show. Ray Palmer was presumed dead, but since we knew he was appearing on this new show then something else must have happened. They recently revealed that Ray survived the explosion, but was shrunk to the size of a bug and kidnapped. And is Arrow fashion he is of course rescued and chooses to stay “dead” for the time being. This opens up how a billionaire genius could potentially disappear and start battling the forces of evil through time.

The most complicated seemed to be Sara Lance because she was not presumed dead we knew she was dead. The Lazarus Pit seemed the obvious option, but so far it had not been used to bring someone back from death, but simply heal them from the brink of death. In Arrow they even mention that they are not sure it will work. Again, we know Sara is part of the team as the White Canary, so we know she is brought back, but at the same time the Pit always has a cost. They seem to still be hashing out the details, but at least Sara Lance is available to become a part of this time-traveling super team fighting evil across time.

Introducing the Idea

So it looks like soon here we are going to get the official Arrow and Flash crossover that will introduce us to the larger villain in Legends of Tomorrow, Vandal Savage. This crossover will also be the opportunity to introduce us to Hawkgirl. Now I do not think they will introduce the idea of time travel quite yet, but we will have to see. The title of the episodes are “Legends of Today” and “Legends of Yesterday”, making it very obvious what they are leading towards. There are a ton of questions that still need to be answered, but they seem to be doing a good job of building towards this new spinoff, without taking away from the current show runners.

I am excited to see how they continue the momentum towards the premiere of the new show and I am even more curious when they will introduce Rip Hunter. So what do you think? Are you excited for Legends of Tomorrow? Do you think that the shows have done a good job building up the characters that will be going to the new show?

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