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Musings on Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now that Avengers: Age of Ultron is out on disc, a lot of the YouTube review shows can turn to them and show clips. There are a couple of them on Couch Tomato – and they got me thinking.

The first Avengers movie kind of stands on its own. When it came out, there hadn’t really been a movie like it. It was the combination and culmination of so many other movies, while also standing alone. It was unique, and well done, and it made the money to prove it. Audiences took to it.

So I’ve had the question posed to me: which Avengers movie do I like better? And I think the answer on the one hand feels like the original. It did something new and amazing. On the other hand, the dark middle of a trilogy tends to be so good, and Age of Ultron hits those sorts of points. It’s a hard decision and a hard comparison.

But that brings us back to Couch Tomato – because those are the comparisons they made. One video on how Age of Ultron is not the same movie as Avengers, so comparing those two. Because you have to, it’s a sequel. And a second video comparing Age of Ultron to the very classic of dark second movies in a trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back. So I’ll have both these videos for you after the jump!

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