Daily Archives: October 31, 2015

Weekend Coffee Share: The Week that Got Away

Cold / Flu Meme

So this week is kind of the week that never was for David and I. Specifically I got sick and not just a little cold or even a flu sick. I ended up with tonsillitis and it spread to my eyes in the form of conjunctivitis. Starting Monday I had a little tickle in my throat that felt like it was turning into a cold at first. Then Monday night I ended up with a fever of 101, body aches, and chills. Now I am thinking that I have the flu, even though I got a flu vaccine.

At this point this is the worst timing ever. I have a ton of stuff at work right now and I really do not need David or Geek Baby getting sick. I am thinking this will just be a couple days, am hoping that it might be just a 24 hour bug. This turned out to not be the case. My throat was killing me all week. My fever went down and I got some energy back by Thursday, but I could hardly swallow without some pretty severe pain still. Then on Friday it spread to my eyes and I just want to scream at something.

Since my body turned into a petri dish this last week I ended up binge watching Arrow and Flash on Netflix because I was trying to relax. Now since I was sick and was not sure how contagious I was I did not want to handle Geek Baby too much. That put David in the hot seat of being the main caretaker for Geek Baby without me to relieve him. There were thoughts of us doing things this week that have gone entirely out of the window. So this is the week that didn’t happen for us.