The Last Witch Hunter

Last weekend I got to go see the Last Witch Hunter. I had mixed feelings about seeing it because reviews had been pretty bad, but I really like Vin Diesel and know that he is actually a big fantasy fan. I also realize that there are a lot of movies that I enjoy that do not get good reviews. In the end I decided to go and see for myself.

Now it is not the greatest movie ever, but I still had a good time for a couple of hours, which in my book is a win. There were definitely some elements of the movie that I really appreciated and made it a more enjoyable experience. So I’ll try to avoid spoilers and give you a couple of reasons I enjoyed The Last Witch Hunter!

Smart Audience

There were pieces of this movie that actually believed the audience was smart. For one thing they did not go into a long explanation about Kaulder’s immortality. We did not need to see him living out this whole long life. They started out showing how he became immortal and then showed him in the modern day. Throughout the story they show some of his past and through his interaction with people we get the sense of who he has become. They do not over-explain the situation, particularly with elements that the audience is generally familiar with.


I really liked the mythology that was set up in the movie. There is a history of the witches themselves. The Witch Queen being a powerful witch who controlled other witches. Then there is the order that Kaulder works for who attempts to keep a balanced peace with the witches. They do not go too deeply into the histories, but over the course of the movie they give us enough to fill in any gaps. It makes you understand the motives without having to bloat beyond the story being told.

Fun Ride

The big thing about the movie is that it is a fun ride. It takes us along a journey of Kaulder discovering some ugly truths that turn his life upside down. They take a crazy journey and we get to see a lot of interesting elements to get us to the final showdown. The movie takes us along this journey and at the end I was not disappointed.

One response to “The Last Witch Hunter

  1. Yeah, the movie looked really entertaining from the trailer, so I saw it despite the bad reviews. I also enjoyed it overall, even though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to most.

    My favorite thing was the worldbuilding. Like you say here, I think the history of the witches was really fantastic. I loved the little details like Chloe serving potions in her bar, and I thought Kaulder’s set-up as an immortal was pretty interesting.

    It felt like the beginning of a book series. Even though the movie ended up being just okay, I would totally read about that world and those characters!

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