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An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ the Wisp

Will o' The Wisp Cover

This graphic novel is not one that I would have probably found on my own. It is a one-shot graphic novel that is not connected to anything that I usually read. It has the element of the mystical, but seems to be grounded in the world of Hoodoo. The art is what attracted me at first on the library shelf because the drawings definitely have a distinct style. The story is kind of odd, but is introducing the reader to a lore that they might not know or understand as the story takes place in the swamps of Louisiana. Having never been to Louisiana, or many places in the South in general, I do not necessarily know what is true or what is not. At the same time the story, even if not based on actual stories or lore, does paint a very dark, mystical, and powerful picture for the characters moving in it. Continue reading