The Future Is Now!

I loved Back to the Future 2 growing up. I made my own Hoverboard out of construction paper. It’s not quite what Lexus has done to make a fake Hoverboard

And the day is tomorrow. And it hasn’t happened. The future’s not what we were told… the future is now. The strongest image, for so many people, of what the future would look like. 30 years on… and it’s not at all the same.

And what did we get instead? The big one is of course The Internet. But did we wile away our time playing MMO’s and Angry Birds instead of inventing Hoverboards and flying cars?

Maybe. But that leaves me thinking that maybe it’s time for a new vision of the future. Maybe it’s time for a return to Back to the Future.

After all, as the trailer today for Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows, there’s lots of returning-to-franchises going on. And people can get excited, and it can be awesome. Or Ghostbusters returning next year. Or a whole bunch of TV shows, with the most recent ones I’ve seen being renewed talks about a return to Firefly, and then Gilmore Girls.

Meanwhile, instead of a new Back to the Future we’re getting a documentary at least this year…

So I don’t at all think a new Back to the Future movie is on the horizon. But I’m realizing… it would be a good one to come back to. The plot: something happened in time that made it so that none of the things Marty saw in the future actually happened. Show our world now. So there’s fixing that… and a chance to go forward, into the future from now. To make a cinema image of our future, of 30 years from now. And to revel in what society was like, 30 years ago, in the past.

So not reboot, not a remake. Not entirely. I guess maybe my idea falls in the “modern retelling” genre? I don’t know. What do you think? Should Back to the Future come back? What would they see in our future? Let me know in the comments below!

5 responses to “The Future Is Now!

  1. I’d love to see another movie, but all of the actors are older now and I can’t imagine it without Michael J. Fox playing McFly – I guess he’ll be older in the plot. Star Wars can continue by creating new characters or setting itself on different parts of the timeline, although some of them are returning anyway. From this point on I see a future where we have robots and A.I. doing most of the work for us.

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    • Yeah if they did it now Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd would potentially be more in the mentor role than the traveller – but maybe it could be their kids!

      I will say it sounds like they got basically everyone back for Star Wars so that’s exciting.

      And that could be interesting still – go forward 30 years looking for your kids, and finding a robot nation… Or a lazy one! Or robots get their hands on time travel? Hmmm okay that’s starting to sound like Terminator. Which is another franchise they keep coming back to…

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      • Haha, yeah good point actually. I don’t believe we’re at risk of robots taking over like Terminator though… but then again I could be wrong. I can’t wait for Star Wars, I’m eager to find out what direction they’ve taken it in. They could probably attempt another Back To The Future film based on their kids, and I love the idea of them making an alternate timeline to explain why the future isn’t the same. It can be scary returning to a classic after so long however. The fans will awaken if it doesn’t turn out well.

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        • The fans awakening, rather than the Force… I see what you did there 😉

          I’m really curious what the new Ghostbusters is going to be like. In some ways it looks like they are doing a retelling rather than a later story… We’ll see. And in returning to Star Wars, Disney said all the post-original-trilogy books and all were no longer the “real” story. So they’ve invalidated some things the fans knew and were expecting.

          It can be messy returning to stories!


          • I’m curious about Ghostbusters too. They have a different team with all women this time don’t they? They could probably still add to the story with that as maybe they expanded to other areas, but I get the feeling that it’ll be a re-telling instead. I did hear that about Star Wars too. My partner and I are into the expanded universe so we were a bit disappointed at first, but then they might introduce some new and better ideas. I guess we’ll see.

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