Daily Archives: October 19, 2015

How the Heck is Clara Not Dead Yet?

We’ve been enjoying this season of Doctor Who so far, but the first thing that very clearly dawned on us – after we hit the “To be continued” at the end of the first episode and looked up the rest of the season… it’s going to be a season of two-parters.

Which in-and-of itself is fascinating, and potentially a good idea. There have been plenty of episodes that would have been better with more time, although also some two-parters that could potentially have pulled off one episode. So it’s a mix.

However, we did watch this most recent episode, rather than following our plan of watching every other week and watching the two-parters together. Maise Williams! A connection back to the Doctor’s face and its origin – Peter Capaldi’s original appearance in Pompeii. Oh, and that title. “The Girl Who Died.”

Because in each of the last two two-parters, they have teased the idea of Clara dying – and have saved her through ridiculous stunts, time-travel-rules-defying antics, and that’s not even the start of it. She’s almost been gone several times. In the Character Study of Clara I wrote last year (recently a popular post again – and hopefully still relevant), I talked about how Clara had already served her stated purpose. Her impossible purpose. To save the Doctor, throughout his timeline. It happened in “The Name of the Doctor.”

They spent last season trying to reinvent Clara, make her into the teacher. It didn’t work, really. But in the 50th Anniversary Special, there was also the whole thing about Clara working with Unit – and how they kept erasing her memory of that. Apparently, it stopped being erased, and there have been some Unit moments this season as well. So now I guess she’s the action heroine? I don’t know.

But she’s almost died multiple times, and with a title like “The Girl Who Died,” you know, I thought maybe it finally happened. But no.

I’m hearing rumors again that this Christmas will see Clara go, or the end of this season, but… she keeps not dying. It almost sounded like it’s becoming a thing with the Doctor… time will tell.