Update on Warmachine – Journeyman League time!

Syntherion Battle Box - Borderlands Style

Tonight was the start of our first event with our Warmachine (and Hordes) community – the start of our Journeyman League! I’m finding what I expected, that the early weeks are going to be painful for me…

It’s designed for learning and growing a new army or starting into the game, and we have both of those going on. We have seven people signed up! So two new armies, four new players (three brand new)… and me.

With the Geek Baby, starting a new army just was not in the cards for me. Between buying – money! – and constructing a new army, I didn’t think it was even plausible. Then there’s choosing a new army… I wasn’t doing too well at that either!

So you can get points in the League for playing games, with three for a win or two for a loss. So not a huge difference, and it’s designed to promote playing the game. There’s also points for painting, and that’s going to be a lot of my goal. Since I’m not playing a new army, it’s time to get some of my new stuff painted.

Some of my new stuff – birthday loot! – only just arrived today. Timing! I set them all up, proof-of-life style, with today’s paper. So I have some to build, and some to paint – plenty to keep me busy!

I will also say that I am really enjoying the Borderlands theme I am going with. My leader is the Handsome Jack looking guy – complete with a mask – so that’s fun as well. Then lots of Hyperion yellow…

I’ll try to keep most everything to Instagram on this, but it’s a big thing going on with me right now so thought I would share! I’m particularly excited – and daunted – to build the big guy, the Prime Axiom. I’m planning on playing him in the later weeks of the League, once we get to high enough points. That way I am learning something new – a Colossal like that has its own set of rules! It’s basically a gigantic gun platform. With tow cables on the shoulders.

Yep, I’m looking forward to the later weeks… Just have to grin and bear it now!

I could answer questions if you have any in the comments, or share more pictures, including the inspiration pictures from Borderlands!


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