Superhero Entertainments on Coursera

If you don’t know, Coursera is an site that helps advertise, host, and run online courses – generally free. Or, to quote their self-description:

Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.

Time and circumstance have kept us from taking any classes yet, but something you may have noticed here is we like education. Well, Holly has found a few to take right now – and she invited me to join her for one. If you noticed the title of this post, I think you see why. Superhero Entertainments, a course taught by Professor Ian Gordon at the National University of Singapore. A university whose course offerings would not generally be on our radar…

Here’s a link to the course:

Registration closes today. So I guess this is a PSA that if you’re interested in this course, act now! I don’t know when they’re counting today, from, either – Singapore? It’ll be 8 weeks, and it’s dipping back into the past, then coming forward all the way to DC and its movies and especially TV – and “Making Movies the Marvel Way.” It says it should be 1-4 hours a week of work.

We’ll likely blog a bit on this as we go, or at least be reacting to some of what we learn! But if you have interest, join us in the class. Act now!

2 responses to “Superhero Entertainments on Coursera

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