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October Plans on Comparative Geeks

It’s been a bit since we talked plans here, so let’s talk about what’s up here on Comparative Geeks. The Geek Baby has not completely destroyed our ability to blog, so we’re keeping going!

Wait, that's not the Geek Baby...

Wait, that’s not the Geek Baby…

  • You may have noticed the Weekend Coffee Share posts on Saturdays – this is a fun personal blogging feature that runs on a lot of blogs, so you can get to know folks and what’s up in their lives! We’ve turned to this to talk about some of our life and baby stuff.
  • We have not returned to a 6-days-a-week schedule with adding back Saturdays – so we’ve been randomly taking a day off during the week. Basically, whenever the Geek Baby makes it clear we’re not getting a post done…
  • We’re still running contributor posts, just not a ton. If any contributors are reading this, hi! We’ll take any post ideas you’ve got floating around 🙂
  • We’ve got a whole lot of new TV show posts (and maybe some returning seasons thoughts) to go as the fall season starts.
  • We’ve still got a lot of comics from our huge stack of comics from the library to get through! Some nice, unexpected finds. Stuff we might not have found normally.
  • And we’ll try to keep some posts in our normal series and all going.

There are a couple of projects that I would like to get up to in October as well. Since I am home with the Geek Baby right now, in theory, I can find some time, right?

  • My Warmachine gaming group is running a Journeyman League starting in October. The idea of a Journeyman League is to start up a new army, or get some new stuff going. It starts with the smallest game type, and each week gets bigger. There’s points for playing games – and points for painting. I would like to get some painting going with that, so watch for painting update pictures on our Instagram!
  • I really want to work on my drawing skills. It’s something I did a lot of when I was younger, and then basically completely dropped when I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Reading stuff like Understanding Comics has me thinking that I can do it too! So I am committing, here and now, to a sketch a day shared on Instagram.

So, yeah, it’s going to get busy on our Instagram, since I’ll also probably have pictures of some games played and such. I’d love feedback on anything and everything you see – most of them will be shared on our Facebook or on my Twitter, if you’re looking for other ways to let me know what you think!

Oh, and one other thing. It’s my birthday coming up again, and I always like to do particularly fun posts then – like my Stephen King’s 19 post, or last year’s post on being an adult (which makes more sense now that you know I was thinking about the Geek Baby…). This year I hope it’s a good one too – tune in the 10th to find out!