Heroes Reborn, a Reaction

I know this is a bit late, but David and I finally watched the two hour premiere of Heroes Reborn. We both had watched and loved the first season of Heroes, but had trouble getting back into it after the writers’ strike in season 2. So even though we did not continue watching it we were excited for what they might do restarting it. I have to say the two hour premiere did not disappoint us, but it did make us want to go back and watch Heroes again. The show really seemed to get back to what made the original great.

With our powers combined, we have been able to write a post about the show. It’s interesting… it’s a new show, but it’s also an old show. It’s new and exciting – and it’s a known quantity. Not the easiest thing to write about!

Mystery to Be Solved

One of the things that worked in the original is that there was a mystery to be solved. Early on we found out that things were going to go pear shaped in the near future and then spent the season trying to find out what was going to happen and how. This new show is not much different. They have introduced a lot of characters and a huge mystery that will need to be solved. It will be very interesting where they decide to take the show.

New Heroes

Now the other piece that is always interesting about the show is seeing the types of powers that people end up having. The creativity that you can have with types of powers is pretty amazing. In some ways they got some of the standard powers out of the way in the first series and are now pushed to come up with more creative options.

There have been some repeat powers as well, so hopefully they turn to the creative possibilities. The most interesting new power has been that somehow, one of the characters has been sent into a computer game – and someone is trapped inside for her to save. Luckily she is a total kick-ass katana fighter, and she uses those skills in the real world as well…

Old Faces

The number one returning character so far has been The Company Man, the man in the horned-rimmed glasses, Noah Bennet. His character is one of our favorites from the old show, and he’s back as a main character in the middle of the mystery for this show.

What’s been more interesting, though, have been the name drops of known characters, who have not yet been seen. Especially Mohinder Suresh – something happened with him that we totally missed in the later seasons. That or a mysterious event in-between seasons!

We know we’ll keep watching, but we’re also working on re-watching the original Heroes!


2 responses to “Heroes Reborn, a Reaction

  1. I don’t think I finished the original series, so now adding it to my list (along with this one!)

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  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m looking forward to it – especially after this review 😀

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