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So first off I know this is coffee share, but as a non-coffee drinker then for me it is if we were having tea; Early Grey, hot. Basically, this week has kind of been a bit of a bump in the road with Geek Baby. David and I have been so lucky because Geek Baby early on was sleeping mostly through the night and then started sleeping through the night pretty consistently. Then she got sick, I got sick, and now she seems to be going through a growth spurt, and the past three nights has been waking up two to three times a night. Now this is to be expected, but it does have David and I questioning everything.

If this is a growth spurt then it tends to be only like a week, but if it is a sleep regression then what do we do to try and get her to sleep again? So then I do the stupid thing and start looking up baby advice online and that is possibly one of the stupidest things because really all you find are completely different ideas professing to be the way to get a baby to sleep through the night. This same idea can apply to almost any topic that you might explore when discussing baby. Honestly reading the ideas just makes me depressed and wonder if we are not doing enough. At the same time with me being back at work there is only so much I can do.

Also, a lot of the advice I read did not seem to take into account families where both parents work. They usually have a 7am wake up time for baby and that does not work for me who has to be at work by 7:30am. Then everything is based on that time and has you put them down about 6pm, which is ridiculous if you don’t get home until 5pm. I personally do not see how that is tenable or how anyone who works for a living gets to spend any time during the week with their baby.

The thing that I am trying to remember is that Geek Baby is happy during the day. I mean she is like super happy during the day, goes out to restaurants pretty well, lets us do the shopping, loves going on walks, etc. She is active, engaged, and I mean smiling happy. If it seems like she is getting grouchy or upset then maybe there would be more to worry about, but right now the only thing is that David and I are getting disturbed more than she seems to be. I feel like there are so many things out there trying to tell parents that they are doing it wrong and it can be helpful, but it is also a bit overwhelming.

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15 responses to “Weekend Coffee Share – Mom Problems

  1. Oh poor thing, I thought sometimes that I did everything wrong too, but each family is unique. I breastfeed my daughter, which apparently is often frowned upon, has not happened to me yet. For sleeping, my baby girl co sleeps and nurses a lot during the night. I was never sleep deprived that way.
    Is she teething? That’s always the hardest time for me, there’s almost always a cold involved as well as some uncomfortable nights.
    I hope you’ll sort things out soon. Enjoy your baby and husband. And don’t worry about what others might think, the way you do things is always the best as long as it is your own way 🙂
    Have a good weekend with a lot of rest.

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    • I am surprised that anyone would frown on breastfeeding. I breastfeed which means I am pumping at work. I am personally not comfortable with co-sleeping, but that is me. I think it is just having to shift our thought process on a couple things. Every family is different and we just need to do what works for us.

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    • Just to add to Holly’s comment on co-sleeping… If we had a larger bed, and didn’t get both cats crawling all over the bed at night, we might consider it. We’ve taken steps to keep the cats out of the Geek Baby’s sleeping areas!

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      • I have heard that some people frown upon breastfeeding, but they shouldn’t.
        Ah cats, we don’t have any, I guess that would be a problem. In the beginning I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of co-sleeping, but once we started I never looked back again, my girl loves to drink at night and I guess it has helped me avoid the state of complete exhaustion.
        I do how you three got everything back on track, and get the sleep and cuddles you need.

        ps. sorry for being so late with my reply, I was on a blogging break for a while.

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  2. hugs – seems like you need it – oh it has been too long since I had little ones, my youngest is 13, and I worked from home since the kids were little, but I am sure you will figure it out – you seem to be someone who tackles anything head on – good luck!

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  3. Aww hope the little one feels better. This post takes me back–way back — my baby is 15 years old. The sleep thing is so crucial when your’re working, I hope you find a method that works for you. Good luck!

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  4. You just have to do what is best for you and baby. Everything else will fall into place. Babies tend to sleep when they want to, not when they are wanted to. So you need to get through this phase. That’s all it is. Trust your gut, not what you read.

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  5. My kids are now 11 and 9 but I still haven’t forgotten the mad anxiety of our first child and I don’t think it’s eased of a lot because he starts high school next year, which just opens a whole new can of worms but at least I remember these worms…for better or worse!
    There was one night when No. 1 was screaming so much in the early days that my husband put him in the pram and was walking the streets. Apparently, he screams ricocheted between the shops and against the complete silence of the night, were quite deafening. I share this story with my grandmother who told me that they called a taxi to drive around the streets with their first child. I sang Twinkle Twinkle to my babies while patting bouncing etc. It wasn’t a miracle cure but I’m sure the singing did us both good xx Rowena

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    • Definitely lots of singing 🙂 we’ve had to get out and walk occasionally… But in the evening, not yet at night. As we move to winter, I hope we won’t need to!


    • Walking is such a miracle when upset. We are moving in to winter where that gets a bit harder. It is always good to understand that other people have been through this even if in the moment it can feel so isolating to not understand what is wrong and feel wrong that you do not understand.

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      • I think the trouble with parenting is that we are used to knowing what we’re doing in other areas of life such as work whereas parenting is more intuitive and that can feel so much like guesswork at times that it can feel very scary. I have always tried to have people I can share with who are a bit ahead of where I’m at as well as peers say like Mother’s group. I 3was always open to advice but I also had people who I knew knew what they were talking about and I listened to them. I was lucky that my brother-in-law was a baby health nurse and his wife did family daycare. They calmed my nerves on many desperate nights! ONce our son had actually turned orange and we completely freaked out but he’d just gone onto solids and would only eat orange veggies like pumpkin and carrot. That’s why he had the orange tone to his skin. Of course, I’d thought he was dying! Take care xx Rowena

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  6. Try not to worry about it, she’ll soon start to sleep through again. In the meantime naps are great (although difficult when working) my sister was known to have a nap at lunchtime when her children were little, and hubby and I used to take it in turns to nap during the weekends. I firmly believe it is possible to store up sleep another trick we tried was the obvious taking it in turns to get up so each person had a couple of hours uninterrupted sleep a night. Best of luck and it does get better.

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