Bad Blood, Interpretations

With the release of Taylor Swift’s most recent album she also released a ton of new music videos. One of the more interesting productions was the release of Bad Blood, which tries to pit Taylor as an action heroine, which really does not work. So of course following something that is really popular you will often get parodies or commentaries on said videos. Following are two videos that David and I found that we decided we needed to share.

Music Video Sins

Now this is from the same channel that does Cinema Sins and has recently started doing Music Video Sins. They are all pretty incredible, but he did one for Bad Blood that was really fantastic and it is great to see commentary on the video, which is so over the top.

Bat Blood

Now this is all leading to possibly one of the best things I have seen on the internet lately. How it Should Have Ended on YouTube does such great work and is really impressive. This is still one of my favorite things that they have created.

If you watch one of these videos, watch this one – but it’s fun to see how much they imitate the original music video. But then all the movie cameos are even better – which one is your favorite?

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